Our Story

Life is good, all the time. And all the time, life is good.

The greatest way to show this is by spreading good and positive vibrations through electronic music and dance.

YESIRAVE! was born out of a collection of those who love the electronic music experience looking to source, grow and curate more gear in San Francisco.

There are no days off here and you know how to express you the best way possible.

Dance on.                                                                         – the YESIRAVE! team

Meet Our Founder

Meet Our Founder

Christopher Diala Jackson is born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has lived in more places in the states than you can count. His favorite city is where he is right now: San Francisco, California. He has always had an eye for fashion and electronic music, so he chose to begin sourcing all gear that he could get his hands on for the Rave & EDM community. He loves the bay area, the rave community and expression through clothes, music and dance.

The brand was built off of the vision to continue connecting people through continued positive energy and electronic music. All gear we have is packaged and shipped locally by us the next day out of San Francisco, California.


Our Event Partners

Our Supporting Partners


YESIRAVE! was founded and grown in San Francisco, California.

We are your source for rave and EDM gear, fashion and accessories.



We believe that every person has the right to their true freedom of expression.


Our Way of Life

The way we do it

Some call them beliefs, some call them mantras, we see it as a way of life. We manifest positivity and good change through our interactions with others through dance and electric feel in the electronic movement.

When you rave with YESIRAVE! you live the life you choose rather than the life others chose for you.

Party where you want to party. Dance where you want to dance. Be how you want to be.

Positive Energy

Life is Good

Keep On Dancing