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are raves fun sober

Your Sober Rave Survival Guide. What to do + Questions You Get

The coolest people in the club are raving sober. You just don’t know it. Since 2020 people are going on cleanses throughout the bay to truly start to feel and enjoy their body. It is the new wave – and the new wave has people asking: Are raves fun sober?

When you’re dancing, you’ll notice that there are just some people that are magnetic. Sometimes it’s because they are not sober and they are at that perfect level.

More often than not over the last years, you are starting to bump into more and more people in The Bay Area that are just frankly in tune with their body and how to have fun – and they are sober.

When we speak with these people, it’s clear that they just love the atmosphere and the environment of a rave.

Being around the beautiful community of ravers, music and surroundings is what gives them energy.

You can be one of those people too.

The rave community is filled with bright, outgoing and prosperous people that are happy to welcome any type of person in the fold whether sober or abstaining for a certain amount of time.

You will learn by reading this what to do to have fun when you are at a rave and sober. You will also learn two of the most asked questions to you when raving sober. They are kind of odd, so we are also including how to reply to them so that others understand who you are.

are raves fun sober

Are raves fun sober?

Going to a rave sober is fantastic. You get to meet everyone at the rave – and you will remember the entire experience and the feelings that you get from speaking with high energy upbeat people. You will also be able to speak with and meet new people that you typically will not.

Your body will really connect to the music and your surroundings. Another great habit that one of the members of the team picked up was meditating during a rave.

When you are fully sober and you are meditating, you are able to feel and become one with all of the positive energy that is flowing through the rave.

Some other reasons why are raves fun sober:


Electronic music is amazing. When you are sober, you are able to experience feel and hear the intricacies of the sound and understand why the DJ, producer or writer put the songs, sounds and wubs in specific places.

You are able to experience the music in its correct form, and not only listen for drops, but the entire experience.


Many people feel that they have trouble dancing when they are sober. The tip is to understand that

  • You don’t need to be Chris Brown to be a good dancer: All you have to do is understand that you have rhythm, and know how to do a basic two step to the rhythm. From there, you’re able to have as much fun as you want.
  • No one in a rave is there to judge another person: With this understanding, you can know to relax and enjoy the time that you’re there rather than being good at dancing.

Friendly, open people

The people at a rave will not only love that you are there, but will also want to learn about who you are and what you are raving sober. Is there a story behind it? If so, be happy to tell it. It will show a sign of your personality that you are not afraid to be different – a trait that everyone celebrates at raves.

are raves fun sober

What do you do when you are sober at a rave?

There are a ton of things to do!

  1. You can dance with your friends.
  2. You can dance alone.
  3. You can talk to the person that is alone at the rave
  4. You can mosh
  5. You can explore the different rooms and DJ sets if the rave is large
  6. You can have a deep discussion to the side of a rave
  7. You can get friends water
  8. You can talk to people!
  9. You can order a pizza for your friends.
  10. You can do, frankly whatever you want or would do if you were not sober. There are no limits.

Your sober raving fun survival guide: Odd questions you might receive for raving sober

The team at has noticed that there are two questions that curious people may ask that need to be understood and how to work with them. For the unitiated, it may feel like it comes out of left field.

It’s important to know how to answer these questions with grace so that you can maintain a high spirit while also forming a stronger connection with the person you are with.

Why don’t you drink?

It’s typically best to simply answer the question truthfully and with confidence. Many of the people will be happy to know your story and why you are not drinking. Further, you will find many people respect your choice as well and will find it brave that you are not drinking at a rave.

Are you okay?

When you are sober, you may not be smiling, or screaming all of the time. For this reason a person that is not sober may think something is wrong. There also is a strong chance that they may be projecting a feeling they are feeling onto you which simply did not exist.

This question can be fairly exhausting, so we fielded the best way to respond to this. The best way we’ve found is to try to understand why the person asked the question. Yes, I’m okay. Why do you ask?”  If there is any sort of projection from the other person, typically they will stop asking the question.

Your other option is to wait for a moment and pull the friend to the side and let them know that the question doesn’t make you feel comfortable because you are having fun and okay – and that may make the vibe fall off by making an assumption someone is not okay, when everyone is okay.

Ideally the person will take the comment the right way, and the beautiful part about being in a rave is, if not, there is an abundance of other people to ride a positive vibe with.

What’s your vice?

This is another question we have found to be strange when raving sober. Someone that is asking what a person’s vice is typically assuming that all people need a vice to survive. That might, frankly, be toxic and a projection of a strange belief onto you.

You frankly can say that you have no vice because you are sober, or if you are temporarily sober you can let them know about a beer that you like when you are home.

Or, you can be frank and let them know that that is a personal question – because typically strangers will ask that rather than friends that know you.

As said before, ideally the person will take the comment the right way, and the beautiful part about being in a rave is, if not, there is an abundance of other people to ride a positive vibe with.

Conclusion: Are raves fun sober?

There is frankly too much to do and too many people to meet when you rave sober. You are able to feel the music, discover new sounds and remember everyone that you meet.

If you have earplugs in as well you can focus on the entire sound, and enjoy all of the song rather than waiting for heavy electronic drops. You will be happy that you raved sober.

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