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Are Raves Safe?

Due to its underground nature, many people may wonder, are raves safe? A dark indoor area with loud music can be intimidating for some. If you have not yet gone to a rave, make sure to read our post about what to expect at your first rave. In this article, we discuss safety in raves so that you can feel informed and aware at your next rave. Having fun starts with reducing the risks that may take it away!

Drug related risks

Similar to discos and clubs, raves are usually indoors and in the dark. Loud music, alcohol, drugs, and lighting effects are usually part of the environment.

Alcohol use

Raves usually have bars from which you can get soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. If you choose to drink alcohol, keep in mind that the more dehydrated you are and the less time you give your body to process the alcohol, you will get drunker. How drunk you are getting can be tricky if you are mostly listening and dancing and not so much talking and listening to your thoughts. Try to drink water and take breaks if you consume alcohol. This will reduce the risk of you getting too drunk. Sometimes is hard to realize if we do not have someone telling us, the DJ will surely not tell us!

False Friends

Even though most of us love raving due to the amazing music, people with other intentions can be found in the crowd! Similar to clubs and discos, drug dealers may attend raves to sell their products. Sometimes their intentions are obvious but sometimes they are not. Some dealers may even look like a regular fellow ravers looking to have a good time with you. This can be particularly dangerous, since they may try to drug you to take advantage of you. Of course, this is unfortunate, as we all like to connect with ravers but YESIRAVE! has also thought about this. Read our articles about attending a rave alone and how to make new friends at festivals. The key takeaway is to be in control of your interactions. Trust your instincts and if someone’s energy is off, move along and meet others. Is perfectly fine to politely walk away from others.


The drug scene is also present in raves. Similar to alcohol use, be mindful that others may be under some influence. How people react to this is not within our understanding or control. It is not worth it to miss the show because of others. If they happen to be overly bothering you and you cannot get away or find them dangerous, let someone in charge know. Do not sweat it, you are protecting yourself and most likely others.

It may also be a good idea to order drinks from a bottle to reduce thae chance of something being put in your drink that is not your choice.. If at some point you do begin to feel strange and suspectsomething has happened, tell your friends and someone in charge immediately. Your state could deteriorate faster than you would think.

General risks

Now, we have discussed some drug-related risks over which you have more direct control. However, raves can have some other risks that you may not expect.

Lighting effects

Personally, the special and lighting effects are among the coolest things about raves. But like many things in excess, they can be damaging after long exposure. Especially to your eyes. Of course, some lighting effects are less damaging but the best is not to underestimate the possible damage. Sunglasses are anyways a great accessory to bring to raves. They can also shield you from some lighting and special effects!

Bodily injuries

Raving can be defined as dancing and jumping to electronic music. Depending on how many people are packed into a rave and how close you want to be to the DJ, you will at some point be surrounded by many others. It could be that somebody accidentally pushes you or steps on you. These ravers most likely did not intend it and were simply excited. You can politely ask the person to be more careful. If it is more a crowd than a person doing the damage, reconsider your positioning. Getting hurt at a rave should not be overlooked and you can perfectly enjoy the set from a further distance. The main thing is to have fun! The music and effects will be just as cool, we promise!

The sun

If you happen to be attending a rave outdoors under the sun, watch out for it! Sadly our ozone layer keeps breaking and the sun has gotten stronger (and continues to). A bad sunburn can have more serious repercussions than you would think. Be sure to apply and reapply sunscreen. Also, as mentioned for the alcohol risk, the sun may dehydrate you faster than usual. Definitely drink plenty of water and do it in style! Check out water packs that not only look cool but will help out with the thirst!

Loud music

Very similar to the light and special effects, music is what we go to raves. You surely plan on keeping hearing it for a long time. Let’s keep it that way by protecting your ears. Read about why you need earplugs and inform yourself about tinnitus.

Thanks for informing yourself about the risks of raving and how to protect yourself and others when raving. For more tips about raves and music festivals, check out beginner’s guide, camping and food to bring to festivals articles in our blog.

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