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DIY Series: DIY Rave Outfit

The rave community welcomes everyone with open arms and encourages all of us to be proud of who we are. Shows, festivals, and raves allow us to celebrate our individuality and oneness at the same time, together. We can express ourselves creatively and share it with the world whether it be through movement, art, or sound. Many ravers choose to express themselves through their clothes. A DIY rave outfit can be crazy, weird, and unique. Whether it be decking out in Kandi bracelets and accessories or just wearing a t-shirt repping your favorite DJ, people can feel comfortable with whatever they choose to wear. 

EDM rave outfit

DIY Rave Outfit Ideas

Putting together your diy rave outfit is super fun to do – and it makes the days leading up to the event even more exciting. Spice up your rave outfit with these few ideas!

Cut Your Clothes 

Take a look through your clothes and see if there’s anything you think has the potential to be part of your outfit! Maybe there’s a shirt you like but it’s too big. Maybe there’s a pair of leggings you love but they are ripped. 

Grab a pair of scissors and get creative! That shirt you liked that is too big can easily be turned into a tank top. To do this you’ll need to cut off the hem, neck, and sleeves. You can also turn your tank top into a fringe tank top to give it a little more character! Simply decide the length you want the fringes to be and let the scissors do the work. 

Take that pair of leggings you love and cut some slits on the sides of the leg to give them a super cute new look. There are tons of tutorial videos you can watch on YouTube if you need help or some ideas! 

Buy Some Tie-Dye & Get Colorful

Tie-dye can get a bit messy sometimes, but it’s always worth it in the end! Head to the craft store and get a tie-dye kit and some plain white clothing. Be sure to also take a look in your closet and see if there’s anything white you’d like to spice up with some color. The possibilities are endless when it comes to your tie-dye technique. Another fun idea is using bleach to bleach-dye (also known as reverse tie-dye) black or dark-colored clothing! 

Make Kandi Bracelets & Accessories

Making Kandi is a creative outlet for many ravers and is a great way to spice up your rave outfit! People have become far more creative with their Kandi designs over the years. Kandi can be made into bracelets, necklaces, masks, headbands, and even clothing! What makes these colorful accessories so fun is giving them away or trading them with others as a sign of PLUR culture. Head to our page to learn more about Kandi & How To Make It!

Hair-Do It Up!

Your hair can be the main focus of your rave outfit, too! Have fun and go for a style you’ve never done before. Maybe go for some space buns – or even put a fun temporary dye in your hair! Braids are also another fun hairstyle some ravers choose to rock! Braids are a go-to hair-do within the rave community because they’re comfortable to dance with and can be easy to maintain. There are also tons of colorful braid-in hair extensions you can use to make your braids pop. 

Add Some Sparkles!

Glitter is a fun and easy way to make your rave outfit pop! And it’s also super easy to make. To make your body glitter you will need aloe vera gel, a small empty jar to store your body glitter, and of course some glitter! Mix both the glitter and aloe vera gel in the small container and you’re done! You can add the glitter in small increments to determine how concentrated you want your body glitter to be. 


If you don’t have the time or desire to get creative, don’t worry! There are tons of fun and stylish rave accessories you can buy to spice up your outfit.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to putting together your rave outfit! Have fun, be creative, and most importantly wear whatever you’re comfortable with! Your outfit should be something that makes you feel your best. Head to our blog for more helpful rave tips and advice!

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