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mosh pits

Do raves have mosh pits?

There are plenty of raves that you can go with friends or alone to and have a good time. But, what may be more interesting to you is to know do raves have mosh pits.

Raves are different from metal shows and more hardcore rap concerts. Depending on the subgenre, you will have a mosh-pit. However, in the overarching community of raving there will not be a mosh pit at every single show because some just want to focus on dancing at raves.

We get it, you want to let out a decent amount of steam and get your heart pumping. This may not happen if you go to a psych-trance show. And perhaps at a DnB show, there still is a 50/50 chance that a mosh pit may form.

However, one of the greatest things that you ought to know about are the underlying understandings when you do join into a mosh pit at a rave.

In this publication you will learn about mosh pits at a rave. You will learn where they are usually found and the subgenres of music that you can find a great rave mosh pit at. You will also learn about mosh pit safety and how to act in the mosh pit.

By the end of this post you should have a concrete understanding of a mosh pit, raving and why people do it.

What kind of concerts have mosh pits?

There are many types of concerts that have mosh pits outside of raves. Almost any genres that brings out a level of aggression in the listener will generate a mosh pit.

This can be an excision concert, or a Vince Staples show to a full on metal show. Mosh Pits are genre agnostic as long as they bring on a level of heightened sensations, violence, pent up anger and emotions.

Are mosh pits bad?

No, mosh pits are not bad. Mosh pits are excellent ways to release emotions, feel a sense of catharsis and allow your feelings to flow.

There are many rules that go on in a mosh pit to keep those in the center of it all safe. From those looking from the outside in, it may seem like disaster, though for those who enjoy the experience regularly, the chaos is greatly controlled to keep all members safe.

Where are mosh pits usually?

Mosh pits are typically directly underneath the performer. It is typically the place where the most and direct energy from the performer is transferred to the crowd.

This allows a prime opportunity for the performer to interact with the crowd, transfer energy to the crowd and feel those that they are interacting with more.

From time to time there may be auxiliary mosh pits that may form further pack in a concert, though this is not typical.

How safe are mosh pits?

There are a ton of unwritten rules that go on in mosh pits to keep everyone safe. Some of them are:

1. If someone loses a clothing item, jewellery etc. The entire mosh stops to allow the person to pick it up.

2. If someone falls, the mosh pit will stop and allow them to get back up.

3. Avoid throwing elbows.

4. Be mindful of pushing from behind. Body checks are the most effective.

Of course, when coupled with actual rules of the venue such as no fighting, weaponry and the likes, this creates a very safe environment where although you may not see it from the outside looking in, everyone is caring for one another.

Do Raves have mosh pits?

Yes, raves have mosh pits if the sub-genre calls for it. If you are at a DnB show, there might be a mosh pit. Bass shows will have mosh pits. And DubStep shows typically have moshes depending on the bpm and the DJ.

Of course if you’re at a trance show, or a chillstep show, there may not be a mosh pit. Electronic music effects groups of people different and it is all subject to the specific subgenre.

Conclusion: Do Raves have mosh pits?

Yes, raves have mosh pits. The amount and varying types of music is so vast that it may be difficult to assume that 100% of your raves will have a mosh pit, though the higher the bpm and the darker the sound and subgenre, the higher likelihood there will be a mosh pit.

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