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Do Raves Still Exist?

Our entire team at YESIRAVE! loves music festivals and raves. We all love the scene enough and see this question asked often: Do Raves Still Exist? The definitive answer is yes, raves do still exist in 2022.

As time has moved on, we now have many options to choose from to enjoy our electronic music – from underground raves, to club events, to music festivals and it is important to determine which event to look for so that you will have the most fun at your rave.

Table of Contents:

  • What is a Rave?
  • Do Raves Still Exist?
  • What is an Underground Rave?
    • Do Underground Raves Still exist?
  • What is the Difference between an Underground Rave, a Club Event, and an Electronic Music Festival?
  • Where Can a Rave be Held?
  • What Happens at a Rave?
  • How Do You Find a…
    • Underground Rave?
    • Club Event?
    • Music Festival?
  • How much does a rave cost?
  • Conclusion

What is a Rave?

A rave is an umbrella term for a party or event centered around electronic music. People come to enjoy good music, positive energy and trade Kandi. You can do anything at a rave, from talk to others, enjoy the music, dance or whatever your body decides is fun to do that is safe for others as well. Music is typically loud so don’t forget your earplugs! If it is your first time going to a rave, check out this checklist before going to your first event!

Do Raves Still Exist?

Yes, and they have evolved. There are warehouse events, old buildings, and abandoned stretches of beaches. They are also very easy to find. It is as easy as talking to others within the community and serendipity happens. There are social media posts on events, flyers that are passed out, events being passed through slack accounts, and old-fashioned word of mouth to spread these events. Here in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, they are alive and well in different areas throughout the city.

What is the Difference between an Underground Rave, a Club Event, and an Electronic Music Festival?

All three of these events are raves. The key is that they all have slight differences.

  • Advertising
  • Venue Location
  • DJ Appearances
  • Event Organization


Underground Raves have a difficult time finding sanctioned spaces, so they do not do much commercialized advertisement. Electronic Music Festivals and club events however are marketed on radio, television, internet, flyers and billboards.

Venue Location

Music Festivals are massive multi-day events and require equally massive venues available. Treasure Island before it was largely inhabited was a great venue outside of San Francisco that housed a great festival. Underground raves can be held anywhere the opportunity allows from buildings, warehouses open beaches to large open fields.

DJ Appearances

The one main similarity between the three types of events is that any underground rave, electronic music festival and club event is likely to have more than one DJ which offers the attendee a selection of music to listen to.

Event Organization

Underground Raves will usually have some type of event organizer who is usually a DJ. The key difference is that with club events and music festivals are typically curated by event organizers and promoters which means that they have the backing of the venue itself or the company. This adds special additions to the events like lighting, fantastic layouts and decorations, activities areas and opportunities for merchandise.

What Happens at a Rave?

The greatest thing about a rave is that anything can happen. You can dance, you can take time to draw, you can relax and enjoy the greenery, or you can get married. Raves are spaces for creativity and positive energy to collide into something special, which is why they are impossible not to love.

Where can a rave be held?


A rave is special because it can be held anywhere and be any size. From one person in your own bedroom, to a handful of people at a park, to a warehouse party, to the events grounds housing largest festival in the United States with over 300,000 people. There is opportunity everywhere to look for the positivity and creativity with your body that a rave will bring.

How do you find a rave?

The team at YESIRAVE! recommends joining communities online and in person to find local raves and make lifelong friends who you will go to international EDM concerts with too! Here are some local onlinecommunities that you can join here to begin meeting people:

Are you afraid of joining them and don’t know what to say If you are alone? Don’t be! People in the rave community are extremely accepting and outgoing. All you must do is introduce yourself and talk to people about the type of music you love and are looking to hear more of. The community is very happy to learn about you and go to more raves with you.

How much does a rave cost?

A ticket to a rave can be anywhere from free to $100’s of dollars. Some underground raves can be completely free, or donation based, while others require a ticket to join in on the fun. Regardless, it depends on who your promotor or event organizer is who can give you the details and answer all your questions.


To answer the age-old question of Do Raves Still Exist? Yes. They do, and they are in full swing in The United States in 2022. We hope that this gives you enough knowledge to find the right event for you. We are here to help if you are looking for your first underground rave or if you are looking at attending your first music festival!

YESIRAVE! looks to introduce those interested in the music festival and rave scene to the community. Take a moment to look around our blog and view the site to learn more about how you can enter the community and have the most fun that you can! We have many accessories and raver flavor for your first event!

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