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Electronic Festival Stage Streaming: What Is Behind it’s Meteoric Growth?

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. It’s the beautiful summer of 2014. Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike are dominating Tomorrowland. This was the first-ever festival stage I watched online. Who knew that a few years later in 2021, the only stages we’d be able to watch would be from our cars or online. 2022 is here and music festivals are coming back to normality. Yet electronic festival stage streaming has gotten big and continues to grow.

60% of people that have watched a livestream say they will continue even when in-person festivals begin this year. David Guetta’s United at Home brought over 7 million live viewers. Hundreds of millions more from all over the globe will tune in on Youtube and other streaming platforms to watch their favorite DJs perform in festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and EDC Las Vegas.

Why do people like watching festival stage livestreams? How did they become popular?

What are Electronic Festival Stage livestreams?

Electronic festival stage streaming is the live coverage of a specific DJ’s stage at a certain festival. Virtual stages have grown massively during the 2020s with David Guetta’s virtual stage being one of my favorites.

Personally, I watch many stage livestreams, although I usually prefer rewatching entire festival days rather than watching them live. This is especially great if your timing doesn’t line up right with your life.

Still, how on earth did these become so popular over the past few years?

Why Are Festival Stage live streams So Popular?

Though the pandemic led to the rise in the growth of festival stage livestreams, there’s no doubt that they were gaining a lot of popularity during the late 2010s. Here are some of the factors that led to their meteoric rise.

More People Got Into Electronic Music Through Stage Streaming

With stage livestreams, anyone from any place worldwide could watch their favorite DJ perform live. Also, a lot of new people would get a great introduction to the music genre since they’d be able to watch an entire festival for free while sipping a cocktail on their couch. 

So, this would explain why stage streaming got so popular. There is a democratization of music festivals. Now, all people everywhere now have access to a Las Vegas EDC show. The 17-year old that is interested in the scene and doesn’t know where to begin can now learn and feel what others are feeling in Vegas right at that moment. Knowing that anyone can experience this at any time is in my eyes a magical feeling.

You Can Enjoy the Experience Without Being at the Festival

You get a very similar one to that of the festival. Though the atmosphere may be different, the music is the same and the visual effects are the same. Many even prefer to be in the comforts of their home while experiencing the pure euphoria that is many of these festivals.

In my opinion, there’s NOTHING that can replace an actual festival or rave experience. But, with stage streaming, you can get some amazing angles of your favorite DJ mixing, and you’ll hear some beautiful electronic music at the same time. I personally like to turn my room into a rave party while I’m watching stages, so that’s something you can do as long as you don’t mind the noise complaints from your neighbors.

You Can Go Back and Rehear the ID You Loved

The only thing that is much better with stage streaming is that you can just rewind the stage and watch it all over again. Was there a specific ID that you loved? Perhaps a visual effect that was out of control? All you have to do is find the timestamp and click back to it to view it again!

Plus, as I mentioned above, you don’t even have to watch the stage live. You can always watch it on demand on the streaming platform.


Even if you watch a festival livestream, nothing beats the real thing. Well, that’s true until virtual reality replicates the same feeling. Technology is everywhere in the scene, from lighting to playlists, to streaming and it is here to stay. Whether it be at Beyond Wonderland in Southern California, Tomorrowland in Belgium, or Tomorrowland in your home, YESIRAVE! Is here to help you enjoy your festival experience.

Keep on raving ‘till dawn!

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