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How Do You Dance at Raves?

Figuring out how to dance at raves can seem tricky but it we are here to help! We are all mostly at a rave or music festival for the same reason: music! It is the incredible electronic music that we enjoy listening to. Sure we love it and look forward to see the DJs but many of us may wonder how to dance to this kind of music. Believe it or not, there is so many different kind of dances you can try. From sophisticated to calmed ones. Check out the following 3 types of dance moves you can try out at the next rave or music festival.

1. Dance at raves with neutral hand motions

The electrifying beats of dance and techno music are capable of clearing our minds so use that to your advantage. Most of us ravers are gifted with the ability to see and therefore use this sense extensively throughout the day. Now, is your chance to listen to the music and let your hearing sense do the talking, better said … dancing! Many people in raves move their hands according to the rhythm of the music. Give your arms some space to move by lifting your elbows or forearms in front of you. You can go as far as making hand motions if you feel the music that deep in your palms. If you prefer something more conservative, move your shoulders side to side and in semi circles to create movement. The speed you move should be dictated by the song. You’d be surprised how easy is to feel the music. After adapting the technique just flow with the rhythm and enjoy the song.

2. Hands in the air

Open your lungs and heart by putting your hands up in the air. By extending your arms, you also allow more space for your body to move around. Use those feet to step side to side and around. Incorporate some hip movements and bend the knees to go down. If you are filled with excitement and emotion, make sure to jump and extend your arms to aim higher. Raising your arms is especially exciting at the drop of the song. As soon as you hear it coming, raise them up and prepare to jump when you hear it.

3. Shuffle dance at raves

Shuffle dance has become really popular in the last few years. This type of dance can be tough to learn and it definitely requires some practice. However, at some point your arms will be tired from all the moving around so you might as well use some songs to practice the shuffling. The technique is actually easy, but it takes time to gain some speed. Start by placing your feet one behind the other. Then, slide the foot at the front backwards and as you do this, bend the opposite knee upwards. Do a small jump and land your foot with the bended knee in front of you and the opposite foot behind it. That should be the position how you started but with the opposite feet. Repeat slowly exchanging the feet until you are able to gain speed.

Insiders’ tip: close your eyes

As mentioned above, attending a rave an festival gives you the chance to exercise your hearing sense. Want to make the experience even more intense? Then, close your eyes as you dance. A big part of what is going on in our minds have to do with what were are seeing with our eyes. By closing them, you will allow extra room in your head to fill it with great electronic music. Let yourself go and feel the experience with other senses. And don’t forget to express what you feel with your dance moves!

Thank you for reading our blog post and visiting our site. We at YESIRAVE! would love to read what you think and what your dance moves are at a rave. Please comment below what you will be trying at your next music festival or rave! Also, check out our blog for more information about music festivals and raves.

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