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How Do You Get into Rave Scenes?

Here are 4 practical tips to find yourself in a rave scene in your city. What we have noticed is that many people when asking this question simply don’t know if there is a scene in their city! Do your research! We encourage you to do some deeper looking because we have even come across different city and subgenre discords that we didn’t know existed until stumbling across them. You would be so surprised with what you find! How do you get into rave scenes? We’re here to tell you.

Why Can It Be Tough to Get Into The Scene?

Many Events Are Not Commercially Advertised

The events that are put on by the different crews in the area tend to not be commercially advertised. Why? Well, if the event is in the city, there is a large chance that over marketing the event will shut it down. So many events pass through word of mouth in order to be advertised. Being on the lookout for flyers in different shops or being passed out at events are great ways to find yourself at smaller more local events later at night.

You Don’t Know Anyone Yet

One of the most challenging aspects of getting into the scene is simply showing up to your first event. If that means that you don’t know anyone and you need to bring with you 5 ice breakers on an index card and say them in the mirror, do that! But you truly won’t need to put that pressure on yourself because as long as you are who you are, stay true to yourself, and enjoy the music, showing up alone is not a problem at any community events. People want to make friends! So possibly being alone may be a plus because it’s easier to meet people!

Your City is Too Small

If you live in a smaller town or a city that simply doesn’t have a rave scene, then we get it! You have a choice at that point. You can either start one or go to a larger city. The pro of starting one is that suddenly, you’re in control of the direction that the scene goes and the type of music that Is put on which can be a wild ride! You’re also putting out an energy that many are looking for as well and just don’t know where to go. You would be surprised by how many people will want to go to an event when putt in front of the right eyes.

Going to a larger city also works and who doesn’t love a road trip? The drive from the valley in Southern California into the Bay Area can be wonderful or going from the Bay Area into the Santa Cruz Mountains is amazing. Always take time to pend the extra moment towards your hobbies and you’ll always be happy that you did.

You Don’t Know Where to Begin

This can be the most daunting. The best advice that we give to others is simply just start! We have online options and may events to go to, all you must do is get out there and meet others. Below we have 4 different ways to get out there and meet people in the scene.

All of these are very reasonable challenges that can be holding you back! But fear not! Our team is here with 4 ways that you can get into the rave scene and make genuine positive friends along the way!

How to Meet People In The Rave Scene

Talk to People

How Do You Get into Rave Scenes? The greatest thing about the rave scene is that everyone is so friendly, open, and inviting in your area. What is most important is that you introduce yourself, be upfront, and let others know about the diverse types of music that you like. Many will reciprocate as well. The greatest way to make friends and connections with others is by sharing your own knowledge that you do have. Others will reciprocate by connecting with you and wanting to find time to spend with you, which would be at other events outside of the one you are at now.

Go to events in your area

Yes, we mean every event you can find. There are so many different genres and sub-genres, and each subgenre typically has its own scene in a large city.

With so many options, it makes so much sense to just get up and go, and if you can’t find a friend, it’s not a problem. Most of the events love having people come solo so that gives you even more opportunity to meet other people as well.

Make an online post in your city’s community

Here is a fantastic example of what you ought to do if you are on either Facebook, Slack or Discord and you have found a group that hosts events:

                Hi! Guys! My name is George and I’ve been listening to Hardstyle for the past 7 years. I have been living in Dallas for 3 years and wanted to start listening to music and meeting others in the community. I’ve most recently gotten into Hi-tech and have loved it for the last year! It’s nice to meet you all. What are you all listening to right now?

The reason why this post is so great is because not only does it tell us a little bit about George, but it also finishes by asking others a little bit about themselves. It’s selfless and allows others a very relaxed space to get out and be friendly.

Tell Others This is Your First Event

You would be so shocked by how excited others will be if you let them know that this is your first event! Many want to share their experiences and also go out with you. One of the greatest things about being around other people and gaining experience is being able to take another person under their wing and showing them how they have a good time. Almost anyone that has been around the block will do the same for you if you let them know that you are knew to the scene and open to having fun.


How Do You Get into Rave Scenes? It isn’t impossible to meet knew people in the scene! Everyone is really friendly and there are so many different resources online and events in person to get in the know! If you have any questions at all, definitely reach out to the team at YESIRAVE! although we encourage you to go to as many events as possible! The time is right because people are going out now and have been looking to be social in a safe way for the past year! Get together and make magic happen.

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