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How Do You Make Friends at a Music Festival?

Here are 7 ways to make friends at a music festival.

Table of Contents:

  • 7 Ways to Make Friends at a Music Festival
    1. Keep Fantastic Snacks on You
    2. Hang at The Biergarten
    3. Make Kandi
    4. Wear Outfits That Represent You
    5. Wear Your Favorite DJ Merchandise
    6. Volunteer for a Show
    7. Dispense Good Energy
  • Should I go to a music festival without friends?
  • How do you meet people before a music festival?
  • Conclusion

Festivals are great experiences if you go with an open mind and an open heart! Whether you are going with a group of people or alone, it is a great opportunity to make more friends and meet other people! The greatest thing about many festivals is that this is a time that many people open and show their true selves to the world.

How Do You Make Friends at a Music Festival: 7 Magic Ways


Before diving into any of the advice given, it’s so important to say that you truly do receive what is given. Be yourself, be genuine and enjoy spending time with others and you will be so surprised about the positive energy that you receive in return!

Keep Fantastic Snacks On You

When I was in Kindergarten, I always remember that during snack-time, I was the king of the playground because while everyone else had stale crackers and celery, I had Pop-Secret’s Popcorn that my teacher warmed up in the microwave. Everyone enjoyed my popcorn so much and I enjoyed giving it away to others as well!

I do this now at festivals. I keep nuts, multigrain bars, dates and other snacks on me always to make sure that if someone looks like they can use a bite to eat, it does not hurt to offer it to them!

Hang at the Biergarten

If you’re 21, the easiest way to make friends is to simply be around other social people. All multi-day festivals have a biergarten where you can enjoy a drink and sit at a communal table. In such a social space, someone will absolutely ask to join you at the table and at that moment you have an connection with another person!

Make Kandi

Engage with the culture! Here are always plenty of tent’s set-up by festival organizers to make and share KANDI in the PLUR society. It also doesn’t hurt to come with your own. Sharing and trading Kandi and asking the story on others’ special Kandi is a great way to connect with others and allow good energy to flow. Making Kandi beforehand is simple, and trading Kandi is as simple as walking up to someone and asking if they have any that they would like to trade!

Wear Outfits that Represent You

Raves and music festivals are the time to show out! You can enjoy your time and wear an outfit that truly represents who you are whether you are a girl or a guy! Enjoy yourself, wear bright colors, wear a ton of layers or none. No one judges, and the more you express yourself, the more that you can tell who you are to others about yourself.

Wear your Favorite DJ Merchandise

You have been waiting for a year now to break out the Rezz glasses and oversized T-shirt. Wear it in all its glory! Enjoy the compliments that you will get, and you will most definitely bump into others with similar tastes in music.

Volunteer for a Show

Give volunteering a try! Not only do you get a free ticket, but you also meet like-minded people that care about keeping the earth clean and minimizing our carbon footprint. It is a great way to engage with the community and give back to those who have given you so much.

Dispense Good Energy

Give good energy to others. It will come back. Here are 5 ways to give energy to others.

  • Compliment someone
  • Pay for the person’s meal behind you
  • Create and give Kandi away
  • Smile (Ever walked down the street and seen someone’s genuinely smile? (You smile too!)
  • (Over)Tip a bartender

Should I Go to a Music Festival Without Friends?

The YESIRAVE! team encourages you to do what you feel you are most comfortable with! Do what you feel is best. Many of us go to festivals completely alone while some of us love to go with a group of our lifelong friends. If you do choose to go to a music festival alone, here is an awesome guide to make sure that you have the best time!

In short, whether you go alone or not, it is a fact that you will have a good time. As lone as you simply understand that what you give out to the world is given back, there is nothing that can stop you from being a good person and meting other good people.

How Do You Meet People Before a Music Festival?

If you don’t feel that you’re ready to go to a festival alone, that’s okay and an awesome choice for who you are! We recommend that you do two things so that you can find others to enjoy your time at Tomorrowland.

Reconnect with Old Friends

Do you think there is a person that would have a fantastic time at their next festival but just hasn’t gone yet? Ask them if they’d like to come and offer a ticket! It is an excellent way to reconnect with someone and enjoy your time with them.

Go Virtual with Online Communities

Here are five excellent resources to get to know other rave communities online. Try these out, and then when you begin looking for other subgenres and communities, let us know as every member on our team is well connected in each of our cities!


In conclusion, we can see that it is shockingly easy to enjoy a music festival and make friends all in the same. Take one or all these steps and let us know what you think! Read on in our blog to learn more about the scene here, and if you’re a beginner and new check out these tips to make sure you bring everything you need to your first rave.

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