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How to Clean Music Earplugs in 5 Simple Steps

We Want U to be safe while you’re banging through your next Alison Wonderland set this spring. Music Earplugs are specially designed, lossless earplugs created to allow the correct tones into your ears while keeping the damaging high and low tones out. There are a large number of earplugs ranging from 33 decibels (dB) rating down to 12dB rating. To make sure you hear every ounce of treble and bass, we recommend that you work with music earplugs that are between the 20-25 dB range. The 20-25 dB range is the sweet spot along with the design of music earplugs to ensure that you do not wake up in the morning with ringing that sticks around for years after your next EDC Las Vegas weekend. Read on to learn how to clean your music earplugs after a bumping weekend at your favorite festival.

The best way to clean them is to keep them from getting dirty. Put them on correctly so they don’t fall out while head banging. Keep them in their case when you’re not using them. And finally, keep your ears clean. Of course, when you bring your earplugs with you to desert festivals, raves, and international festivals, something will happen to them and YESIRAVE! has your back to keep them clean.

Table of contents

  • Materials Needed
    • To Clean Ears
    • To Clean Music Earplugs
  • How to Clean Your Ears
  • 5 Steps to Cleaning Your Music Earplugs
  • Tips for Music Earplug Maintenance
  • Conclusion

Materials Needed

Before we move on to cleaning your earplugs, let’s go over the materials that you need to clean both your ears and your earplugs so that you know that you have them on hand. These are all quickly found in your house.

Here is a list of materials needed to clean your ears:

  • Damp Cloth
  • Ear Wax Softener

Here is a list of materials to clean music earplugs:

  • Medium Sized Bowl
  • Warm Water
  • Soft Bristle Brush
  • Light Dish Soap
  • Cotton Towel
  • Rubber Gloves

Everything is available easily in your house so this will be a pretty quick project!

How to Clean Your Ears

It is important to keep your ears clean to keep from contaminating or damaging your earplugs. The main way we suggest doing this is by taking a damp cloth or cotton swab and gently applying pressure inside of the ear to take out any of that nasty stuff in there! Whether it be debris, earwax, a left-over piece of Kandi from last night – get it all out! If you still feel that there is excessive wax in there then you are welcome to take our YESIRAVE! hot-tip: Place 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide in the morning and night in your ear to diminish both swelling and earwax.

As long as you treat your ears well and put the plugs in their case, this is the easiest and most effective way to keep your music plugs clean. If you did drop them on the ground, then follow these steps to clean your silicone earplugs.

5 Steps to Clean Music Earplugs

Step 1: Wash your hands with soap and water.

Step 2: Take a bowl and fill it with warm water. We recommend a clear bowl so that you can see the fantastic work you’re doing.

Step 3: Add some vinegar to the water. Vinegar is recommended because gentle nature in interacting with the earplugs and its wonderful deep cleaning attributes. A light soap also works very well if vinegar is not readily available.

Step 4: Take a small brush with soft bristles and wife the insides and outside of the flappers while the plugs are submerged underwater.

Step 5. Place your earplugs on a cotton towel to allow for air drying.

Bonus Step: Allow the music earplugs to sit in water for 1-2 minutes to soften debris and buildup if buildup is more viscous than normal.

It’s pretty easy to keep your earplugs clean and to clean them too. If you want to make your plugs last more cleanings, then follow these ideas to maintain them for a much longer time in between.

Tips for Music Earplug Maintenance

The goal of maintaining earplugs is to extend their life for much longer than you can expect. This is done by minimizing the opportunity for them to come in contact with anything outside of the carrying case and your ear.

Here are some tips to extend the life of your earplugs:

  • Store them in a dry place
  • Place them in your carrying case after use
  • Prevent them from falling to the ground
  • Carry them by the end node when holding

Bonus: Your pocket is not the safest place for your earplugs without a case. There is dust and other items there that should be considered there.


It is clear that cleaning and maintaining your music earplugs is important. You will extend the life of your plugs while enjoying improved sound intake from your ears. Protect your ears and keep them functioning at 100%! Wear music earplugs while out at festivals.

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