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How to Find Underground Raves In My City?

If you’re new to the community and have come to this page searching for answers, you’re probably wondering why finding a warehouse rave seems impossible? To be honest, the rave scene can be a bit confusing at first. I mean really, we use terminologies like kandi and PLUR. But learning how to find underground raves in your city doesn’t need to be so complex. Continue reading for helpful tips on finding your next event. 

Table of Contents:

  • Warehouse Raves
  • Reasons Why Warehouse Raves Are Amazing
  • Why Underground Raves Are Hard To Find
  • How to Find Underground Raves In Your City: 5 Major Tips
  • Conclusion

What Are Warehouse Raves?

Festivals and shows are beautiful events in their own unique way. Warehouse raves, on the other hand, are thrilling experiences that are like no other. The name is pretty self-explanatory; warehouse raves are lowkey raves that are thrown in warehouses or underground spaces, usually in industrial-like areas. They sort of fall in the middle between a large house party and a nightclub and for many, they are an exciting alternative to regular urban nightlife. The underground rave scene provides spaces where people can be themselves – and the only requirement for entry is a love for music and a good attitude.

What’s So Good About Raving In A Warehouse?

Not everyone who listens to EDM enjoys going to festivals or shows. Believe it or not, a lot of ravers actually have better experiences going to local underground warehouse raves with regular DJs playing music. A lot of ravers prefer them because they offer a more intimate music experience. They aren’t expensive to attend and they are also exclusive which makes it easier to meet new people. Every raver should attend at least one warehouse rave in their lifetime.

Foggy edm rave

Why Are Underground Raves So Hard To Find?

The secretiveness and perceived exclusivity of these raves are what make them unique and sets them apart from regular shows and festivals. These raves are kept lowkey and hard to find so that they don’t attract the wrong people. It is hard to organize and promote these types of events because they risk getting shut down. This is why their locations are usually only ever released about an hour or so before the event.

How to Find Underground Raves In Your City: 5 Major Tips

We all have to start somewhere. Try these 5 helpful tips if you’re new to the rave community and are looking for an underground rave in your city.

  1. Word of mouth
    Be friendly and go to some non-underground publicized shows and events with local DJs! Socialize, meet new people, and make some new friends. Most people are super nice and there’s a good chance you’ll start to run into the same people at different events! They’ll probably tell you about a super cool rave they went to the weekend prior and will send you an invite to the next upcoming rave. You could also get their phone number or add them as a friend on social media so you can ask them about any upcoming shows in the future.
  1. Online communities
    Online communities such as local Facebook groups and events for raves or online forums like Reddit are both great ways to find out about upcoming events. There are also apps such as Radiate that help you connect with other people around EDM events! You can meet new friends, ask questions, find a date, get hyped, and more.
  1. Social media 
    Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be very helpful when trying to find upcoming events. Follow your favorite artists on social media because they always post when they’re touring or playing at events. You can also follow organizers of local nightclubs and local music venues in your area. Oftentimes the same labels that do local club nights also do underground raves.
  1. Online platforms
    Websites such as Resident Advisor, Dice, EDM Train, and Insomniac are online platforms that regularly update information on their websites with upcoming shows and events.
  1. Be yourself!
    The most helpful tip is to just be yourself. The one thing that makes an underground rave so unique and special is its culture of acceptance. Socialize with other ravers and make new friends. The funny thing about rave culture is that once you go to one, they will start to find you! 


All raves are beautiful, no matter the type. One of the main reasons why people love raving is because of the atmosphere and being surrounded by such loving people. Raving has always been about freedom of yourself, the unity of people freeing themselves, and music bringing us together. If you’re new to the scene, visit our page for some helpful tips and advice, and learn more about raving for beginners.


  1. Andrew mccoag

    Please let me know about any warehouse raves in Scotland in September please

    • Christopher

      Hey thanks for reaching out. The thing is that our team is based in San Francisco and focus on the electronic scene in the states. I would highly suggest finding a resource in Scotland and Europe that would help 🙂

  2. Bennie Diflavis

    Hello again to everyone out here. I live in st Pete FL. I was a late Rave bloomer in 2000. Dj baby Ann is from my area. Now wayyy famous. I am interested in joining the club. I would love to find a great rave club near me. Tampa, Orlando and an underground event. I’m listening on utube…..Vini Vici transmission TV. Blowing me away.

  3. Ashley Knudtson

    Anything near Omaha, NE?

  4. Sakib

    I wish I could give Juliet a hug and jump up in the air at the same time.


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