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Is Raving a hobby? Why is Raving a Hobby?

There are many misconceptions about raving. People wonder if it is just partying? Or Is raving Clubbing? Or even more, Is Raving a Hobby?

With so many people finding ways to be creative while raving, like creating Kandi and making Rave Totems for festivals. In San Francisco there is even a weekly Kandi making event to prep for the upcoming raves, festivals and goings on.

In short, raving is not just about going out one night. It truly is a lifestyle.

In this post, you will learn about how raving is a hobby to many people. You will learn why it is special to many people. You will also learn how it falls into the category of being a hobby to people and why they enjoy spending their time in the culture.

What is a Hobby?

You might be wondering is raving a hobby? Yes, but in order to answer the question, let’s broaden out the scope of the question. First, let’s answer what is a hobby?

When you become a roller blade-er throughout the city there are some things that will go into the hobby:

1) You will spend money on roller blading

2) You will roller blade many times over a certain period of time

3) Roller Blading will bring you joy

4) There will be a community of others Roller Blading.

Let’s go into more detail.

is raving a hobby

Spending Money

All hobbies have some amount of money that is spent on them. You are making a small (or large) investment in the hobby to bring you a certain amount of joy. This can be said about roller blading, making art, music or learning to dance.

Frequency of Hobby

Many folks enjoy doing their hobby many amounts of times. This is helpful so that they can get better at the hobby, engage with the community around the hobby more or just in general be around the hobby more often.

When you are doing the hobby more than once, it becomes not only a hobby but also a habit.

Bringing Joy

Does this thing that you do bring you joy? Typically any hobby that you are doing is done because it gives you a certain amount of joy or purpose. It gives you a reason to keep moving and be helpful to others.

Roller blading you may find fun and will bring you joy, Making art may bring you joy. These are examples of hobbies.

Hobby Community

Typically your hobby will have a community around it. This could be a community of roller blade-ers, or a community of musicians. You are able to enjoy your hobby alone, and have the opportunity to do the hobby with others.

This makes your hobby not only useful to give you joy, but also to connect with others. Allowing a hobby to become social is far more fulfilling and makes it easier to enjoy your time doing the hobby rather than doing it alone.

Is raving a hobby?

Yes! We just went through and listed all of the needs for something to be a hobby. Below you can read them. Here are the reasons based off of how we spend our time raving that it is a hobby.

  • Money Spent Towards Hobby: In raving you spend money on everything from fashion, to rave clothes, to tickets, to making kandi, to even becoming your own DJ. You are trading the money for joy brought to you from doing the hobby.
  • Amount of time spent doing Hobby: When you rave, you don’t just go to one party and then never go out again. There are plenty of DJ’s playing throughout your city. There are awesome acts that are going on, there are fun kandi events happening. It becomes a part of your lifestyle to be a part of the community and enjoy the creativity.
  • Does this bring you joy: The act of going to a rave, dancing, and enjoying the music and good energy around you would bring you a sense of joy. To amny, putting on the parties and allowing people to be happy and engaging with other good people brings them a sense of purpose as well.
  • Is their a community surrounding the hobby: The parties and gettogethers surrounding making Kandi, making music and jam seshes bring together fantastic and electric community. The community in raving is positive, uplifting and allows you to be the best that you can be.

Why is raving a hobby?

Raving is a hobby because it encapsulates all four of the pieces here. You spend some money on your hobby. You spend time doing the hobby and typically are not paid for it. You do it typically because it brings you joy. And finally, there is a community surrounding the hobby.

People love the hobby of raving and it allows good people to come together and enjoy their own lives.

Conclusion: Is raving a hobby?

Yes, raving is a hobby. It is something that you do in your free time that you and others are able to enjoy while being together. It is easy to find fun and engaging places to dance, listen to music and play along with others while doing plenty of creative things within the community.

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