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is raving good or bad??

Is raving good or bad? [Pros and cons to going to raves]

You may have heard a lot about raves. Some of the rumors may be true, though a lot of it is false. We think it’s really important to put some truth behind what you have been hearing, and understanding is raving good or bad – for you or anyone else you know that is into electronic music.

When you hear of people going to raves, there are many things that you think about. The first things that come to mind should be the enjoyment of music, the enjoyment of other people and the enjoyment of love.

This is because raving is good because it brings people together as a community. It holds people together through positive energy and through other things such as music, happiness and dance.

is raving good or bad

When you think of raves in its purest form, this is what it is – you are helping others to be happy through their own individuality.

In this publication you will learn the reasons why raving is good for many people who engage in the hobby. You will also learn for what reasons that raving is good. Finally, you should have a good understanding of why people go to raves and what you can get out of it by going to one – if you are curious.

Is raving good or bad?

Raving is good. There are plenty of reasons why raving is good for people to enjoy. The parties are great to be able to help individuals find a place of togetherness.

Many people that thought that they were not very social found that they could go to a rave alone and make friends easily.

Here are other reasons why raving is good:

Mental Health

When you are going to a rave, you are doing two very important things for your body and mind which ultimately feeds the soul:

First, you are getting off of your couch and moving your body. Some raves can last for over 12 hours straight – and that is a lot of steps logged in your fitbit after dancing for so long.

Second, you are engaging with people that are open and accepting. This is a great community to be a part of because you simply know that when you enter, you are engaging with positive, and caring people who are there to spread positive energy.

These two items are key to helping you and maintaining a strong self image and developing your mental health.

Raves are also just fun.


The rave community is known to be one of the most standout, positive and unique communities in the world. People enjoy who they are and they care about others.

You can go to an underground rave or a club with electronic music and you will know that the rave community will always engage with you if you give off a light that shines towards others.

Music Discovery

There are too many subgenres of electronic music. This can be great because it not only gives DJ’s a purpose to help people have fun and discover an interest, but it also gives people a new hobby to enjoy.

You can engage with and learn about new music, subgenres in electronic music (there are too many to count) and talk to others about the music that you enjoy. It’s all too fun to learn about an interest and be able to enjoy it alongside others that also care about it.

Individuality of Expression

The rave community is known to enjoy too many colors, all the time, all at once. There is too much that you can do from donning Kandi, to finding great accessories to create your own rave outfit. Even guys can be creative at their first show.

The rave community is all about the expression of the individual in the group. It can be fun, and give you a feeling that you belong.

is raving good or bad 2

So why does this make raving good?

Raving is all about freedom of expression, enjoying one’s life and making sure that you are who you want to be. You have the freedom to dance, move and do what you want to.

In each party, the music may be different, though the people are the same and they are who they choose to be – welcoming to who you are.


Is raving good or bad? Raving is indeed one of the best things that you can do for your mental and physical health. It’s fun, it helps you meet friends all while helping you enjoy your life amongst others.

When you are working to become a better self – raving is there so that you can be amongst others who are going along the same journey.

Enjoy you, enjoy your life and rave on.

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