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Music Festival Bags: 3 Easy Steps to Follow to Get Past Security

YESIRAVE! has put together a guide to help you select the music festival bag for you that is in line with the rules that many music festivals are bringing about. Spring 2022 is the year of pinks, brights and lights! You can show it in your shorts, in your eyewear and even with your flower crown. This year I will be making all of my Kandi in some shade of pink because that’s how I am feeling. Of course, if you’re not into Kandi one of the easiest ways to show yourself off is with the right accessory – which of course is going to be your music festival bags!

You don’t want to get caught looking silly when the security guy tells you to put your bag back in the car because it is not within “policy,” “code,” or “liability”. This year, many festivals like Ultra in Miami stated that you have to have a certain size and transparency to your bags. We’re not here to say if this is an awesome way to go about things, but what we have done is put together a guide to where you can make sure you’re able to follow the rules while still looking cute!

Table of Contents

Understand Your Music Festival Bag Rules

  • Understand Your Music Festival Bag Rules
    • Why is it Important to Know the Music Festival Bag Rules of your Festival?
    • How do you Find the Rules of your Festival?
    • What Happens if You Don’t Follow the Rules on the Website?
  • 3 Easy Steps to Know Your Bag will Pass Security
    • Make Sure That Your Bag is the Right Size
    • Check if Your Bag Needs to be Transparent
    • Check to Make Sure Your Bag is the Right Color
  • What about Water Backpacks?
  • YESIRAVE! Guidance and Advice
  • Conclusion

Understand your Music Festival Bags Rules

Many of the largest music festivals have updated their bagging policies to ask people to wear smaller, or clear plastic music festival bags. We hit up our friend John Garcia a career-volunteer at festivals to give us the scoop on what goes on with music festival bags.

Why is it important to know the music festival bags rules of your festival?

John: You may get turned away by the security guards at the front if you wear the wrong type of bag or bring too large of a bag. It’s not a good look if you have your entire life in there and you need to go back to the car and figure out a way to fit everything in your pockets. Security has clear plastic bags for you at the front to put your belongings in but its not ideal.

How do you find the rules of your festival?

John: The FAQ’s of the website for your show are where the rules for a music festival are shown. If you are going to Beyond Wonderland, go on their home page and find either the policy page or frequently asked questions. All festivals have a page similar to this. There is typically a page with an infographic that states the size, and types of bags that are allowed. Some sites will even share a link where you can contact them directly to ask if your bag will be allowed into the venue.

What happens if you don’t follow the rules on the website?

John: The security guard will look at the bag and decide according to the specific festival rules if it is within the guidelines. Being the person that has to go back to the car is no fun. Most people Uber anyways. That or you have to ask everyone to put your phone in their bags! It’s no fun.

3 Easy Steps to Know Your Music Festival Bags will Pass Security

It’s pretty easy to stay in the rules while looking good too. Asking the right questions makes your selection easy while still wearing something that’s bright and adds light to your outfit!


Make Sure That Your Music Festival Bag is the Right Size

The most important factor with your bag is that it has to be the right size. The most common restriction is if the bag is larger than 12 inches (about the size of your forearm). Go to your festivals’ website and there you can see what is the largest bag that can be allowed in. Some music festivals like Coachella allow all bag sizes. Other festivals like the NOS Event Center events asks for smaller sizes to be allowed into the festival grounds.

To make sure that your music festival bag is the right size, we recommend that you lay your bag on the floor and measure it to be safe! Our bag pictured here is 11in” * 7in so it would be allowed into both Firefly, HARD Summer and virtually any music festival that has a restriction based on size.

Check if Your Bag Needs to be Transparent

Some festivals have a policy where the bags must be clear and transparent while some do not. For example, when looking at any event in NOS center, your bag does not have to be clear. However, all bags that enter into Lollapalooza do need to be made of transparent PVC material.

Check to Make Sure Your Bag is the Right Color

From our research of the top 45 largest music festivals in the United States, the great news is that you and you only are the decision maker of what color your bag needs to be! As far as we have researched there are zero rules on any colors that are not allowed! So let the purple reign through!

What about Water Backpacks?

John: That’s a great question and here is where it gets interesting. We will never stop anyone that has an empty water backpack. What we do do from time to time is shake it to make sure that there’s no liquid in it. But that is the rule at the most restrictive venues, it simply has to be empty and no liquid. Some venues also do not like them to have a large amount of pockets.

What this means is that your water backpacks will never be stopped for being too large or not transparent. They simply need to be empty and have minimal amounts of pockets. Each of our backpacks sourced at YESIRAVE! are chosen specifically to not be stopped by any security for having too many pockets available.


Whether you’re going to your festival around the corner from your house or you’re going to a multi-national show, it’s important to check the website to make sure your music festival bag will be allowed in! There you can see all the items you are able to bring, and some items that you can’t. It can be a really great resource to help you decide what accessories you’re going to put on.

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