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Music Festivals For Beginners – What Should You Bring To A Rave?

If you have tickets to upcoming raves or music festivals but feel a bit unprepared because you’ve never been to one before, don’t worry! The rave community welcomes everyone with open arms. However, nothing is worse than being an unprepared newbie. If you were to ask any experienced raver to give you a few tips or advice, they’d probably reply with something along the lines of the following.


10 Things Every New Raver Should Bring To Their First Music Festivals

Music Earplugs

Protect your hearing for when you’re older! Many people think that music earplugs make it hard for you to hear music at a concert. But that is not the case when you own a good pair of music earplugs. First of all, the music is loud – sometimes so loud that you can barely hear your friend screaming into your ear trying to tell you something. With that being said, we promise you will definitely still hear the music! Music earplugs are meant for raves and are designed to just lower the volume rather than muffle sounds. Matter of fact, the quality of sound is incredible with music earplugs and you can most definitely still hear the bass! Learn more about music earplugs here.

Face Masks & Bandanas

Protect your lungs! Have you ever seen pictures of people at Burning Man Festival and wondered why they were wearing masks? Face masks and bandanas cover your face and help prevent breathing in any dirt or dust. If you’re at an indoor event you might not need to wear a mask however if you’re at an outdoor festival – we highly recommend it!

Hydration Packs

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things to do at music festivals. Most music festivals will have free water refill systems which makes it incredibly easy to stay hydrated. These bags allow you to carry a good amount of water on your back throughout the day/night and also help prevent you from needing to buy unnecessarily expensive plastic water bottles. The other thing that’s superrrr nice about these bags is that you don’t have to worry about holding a water bottle in your hand the entire time!

Don’t miss a second!

Portable Phone Charger

Filming videos, taking photos, and searching for service and WiFi WILL drain your battery! Whether it be needing battery to record your number one artist playing your favorite song or to order an uber home at the end of the night, we guarantee you will be so happy that you packed a portable phone charger. It is so important to have a charged phone throughout the event in case of emergency or if you need to call or text your friends because you can’t find them in the crowd.

Light Jacket

The temperature gets chilly at night even when you’re attending music festivals in the middle of the summer. A light jacket that fits in your hydration pack or that can be tied around your waist will keep you warm during or after the rave. Other staple items and accessories such as pashminas and fur hoods are a huge part of the rave community and can help keep you warm as well!

Comfortable Shoes

If you were to ask any experienced raver, majority of them would agree that comfort is more important than style. One of the worst feelings is suffering for 12+ hours at a music festival because your shoes are giving you blisters. Wear comfortable shoes that you know you could last all day and night in!

Backpack & Fanny Pack

Having a backpack or fanny pack to hold all your items is much easier (and smarter) than relying on your hands or pockets to hold everything. Having a backpack allows you to bring extra necessities that you may need such as gum, hair ties, chapstick, cash, wet wipes, tissues, etc. If you plan on bringing a backpack, consider wearing it backward so its opening is in front of you. This will prevent anyone that is behind you from opening your backpack and stealing some of your stuff.

A great alternative to that option is using a fanny pack! Fanny packs can hold just about everything you need to bring, and they are worn in front of you so you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing anything. Fanny packs are great for carrying your phone, wallet, portable charger, and a handful of smaller things like chapstick and gum.


Don’t let the sun prevent you from being able to see your favorite set! Wearing sunglasses to a music festival will help protect your eyes when you’re out in the sun. And if you’re at an indoor rave and don’t need regular sunglasses, get yourself a pair of kaleidoscope glasses! Kaleidoscope glasses are a huge staple item in the rave culture, and they’re a lot of fun especially when an artist has awesome visuals. If you ever find yourself at an Eric Prydz set, you’ll be happy you packed yourself a pair of kaleidoscope glasses!


Whether you’re at an indoor rave or an outdoor festival, you will get hot! Having a fan during summer festivals will help cool you down when the sun is beating down on you all day. Not only do fans help keep you cool, but if you’re trying to make new friends these will do the trick! The rave community is all about creating human connection. Using your fans to help cool down friendly strangers that are next to you in the crowd is a great way to show your appreciation for being a part of the community.

Wet Wipes & Tissues

Being prepared for your first rave or music festival will help make your first event an experience to remember. The best advice any experienced raver could give is to always have a few wet wipes or tissues in your bag! You never know when the porta-potties will be out of toilet paper, but it is such a nice feeling when you are prepared. It’s also nice to have wet wipes and tissues in your bag just in case you need to clean your hands or blow your nose when you’re in the middle of the crowd. Something so simple as a napkin can make all the difference!

Whether it be Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Ultra Music Festival in Florida, or Electric Zoo in New York, YesIRave! is here to help make your first rave or festival experience fun and exciting. Be sure to visit our blog for other helpful rave tips and advice!

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