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Plus Size Rave Clothes: The Official YESIRAVE! Guide

Plus-size clothing and fashion continues to expand each year giving plus size ravers, a wide variety of options when it comes to clothing. This trend has helped millions of people understand their body figures and how to dress best according to their bodies. The following basic and general tips are listed below with some additional suggestions that will make your plus size rave clothes and fashion look techno and trippy.

3 Looks for Our Plus Size Ravers Out There

1. Avoid Baggy & Oversized Clothes

Ignore how tempting it is to cover your body inside bigger clothes. All the plus-sized models now are rocking tight and proper fitting sizes. You can look just as awesome with the right size for you. Therefore, if you already have a rave outfit in mind, give it a try and work with the correct size. You would be surprised about how good it fits and how great you will look on the scene. 

2. Have Fun in the Dark

This makes us slimmer which is perfect for the night rave scene. However, this can be a bit boring to some people so when choosing to go this way, become as creative as you can with accessories if you feel your outfit is missing something. Add color and attitude with some fly shoes, light robes or jackets and other rave accessories.bandanas, face shields, fur, glasses, gloves, and masks

3. Stick to One Color Pattern

If black is definitely not your color, you can opt to stick to clothing of one same color or pattern for your plus size rave clothes. Likewise to darker tones, this outfit choice creates a slimmer look. Due to that, it is compliments plus-size ravers in different settings. Again, go for all types of accessories in order to give your outfit that special festival touch.


2 Major Keys for our Gifted Girls

1. Show Off that Chest

If you’re busty, let’s see it! Not only will you look incredibly sexy but emphasizing what you have turns to favor our busty girls anyway. 

  • Wrap dresses and Shirts: This extremely flattering apparel choice is always a reliable back-up in case you are looking to try something new. If whatever it is that you are giving a try isn’t working, the wrap dress or shirt will never disappoint. By going for this look you may also find a wider variety of trippy and ravey looks, including neon, galactic and glitter designs. 
  • Bikini tops, sports bras and bustiers: These are options will favor busty women in general. What is great about going for these apparel choices is the creativity that can enhance a festival and your plus size rave clothes choices. Since being and feeling comfortable is most important, you may come to realize that your favorite bra or bikini top does not have the festival look you would want. This can be easily managed by throwing a fish net on top. Another clever way to emphasize your breast is by tying a button up shirt under the breast area.

2. Let’s See Those Legs!

It is not only flattering for us but also for any women who want to create an feeling of longer legs and lower body. This look also gives a dramatic effect to girls who perhaps are not as busty to emphasize their breasts. Creating the illusion of a longer body will make anyone look taller. Two options to lengthen at the upper waist are:

  • High waist clothing: Not only do they manage to create the effect that one is looking for, but they also tend to be more comfortable than regular bottoms that are fitted at your waist level. There is a wide variety of ways to implement high waist clothing in the rave scene. Find an exotic, galactic or tie dye pattern or opt for a plain neon color to get that festival and rave look. Maybe you want to take it the extra mile and develop lower bottoms that are highly creative with some kandi.
  • Add to the high waist look with accessories: If you don’t have high waisted bottoms, you could still incorporate the image by using accessories to make the body division between the high waist and upper chest area. Options vary from a simple sweater wrap, high waisted belts and fanny packs. Either of these accessories will cement the techno look you are seeking when choosing how to show your body.

Whatever festival you are going to, YESIRAVE! is here to help welcome you to the community. We at YESIRAVE! are always happy to hear from you. Please reach out at any time or leave us comments for whatever questions you may have.

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