Blue Paradise Headband Bandana

Blue Paradise Headband Bandana


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Protect your face from the elements with YESIRAVE! Blue Paradise Headband - Bandana! Our designers create these to be fantastic for keeping cool in the heat when the sun is beating down on your neck and your skin needs protection. In the cool it creates a layer of heat to help keep you warm in the cool! Enjoy the colors and stick out in the crowd!

Be warned! Bright colors will draw compliments, create new friends and repel your foes!

  • Great heat protector
  • Wick sweat and stay cool in desert conditions
  • Anti-fog creation
  • One-size design fits most

weight: 0.062kg

size: 150*160*90mm

3 reviews for Blue Paradise Headband Bandana

  1. Jimmy James

    WOW. I am so impressed by this headbands that I’m about to order more. I’ve tried my fair share of headbands. They ALWAYS seemed too tight or the material would slip right off my head. (Pain in the butt). This is a definite yes if you’re looking for comfort.. not too tight but not too loose. Just try these you will be very satisfied.

  2. Rebecca finch

    first of all I have a big head and have a hard time finding head bands that are smooth. These are very soft and have a nice stretch. If your head is on the smaller side you may find this too loose but if you’re like me you will love these. Added bonus they open quite wide and make for a perfect light weight face covering or to cover up hair better for those bad hair days.

  3. Red Rider 1

    These stretch great and are comfortable to wear since they’re soft and smooth. They keep the sun off my neck decently well while I’m walking from set to set.

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