Desert Headband Bandana

Desert Headband Bandana


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Protect your face from the elements with YESIRAVE! Desert Headband - Bandana! Our designers create these to be fantastic for keeping cool in the heat when the sun is beating down on your neck and your skin needs protection. In the cool it creates a layer of heat to help keep you warm in the cool! Enjoy the colors and stick out in the crowd!

Be warned! Bright colors will draw compliments, create new friends and repel your foes!

  • Great heat protector
  • Wick sweat and stay cool in desert conditions
  • Anti-fog creation
  • One-size design fits most

weight: 0.062kg

size: 150*160*90mm

3 reviews for Desert Headband Bandana

  1. Triangle Al

    I bought these to complete the look with the fan and fanny pack. These are by far the most comfortable gaiter I’ve used yet. They are lightweight enough to be worn all day with no discomfort.

  2. Mike Mo

    These things are nice, stylish too. Great comfort, and thin, so it doesn’t get to hot. I live in Arizona so that’s a real concern, unfortunately that goes bad the other direction, they don’t keep you very warm, although it will keep you warmer than not having one if you want it for that.

  3. Jimmy James

    These mask are super comfortable and they stay up very well also. I am super impressed and I am so glad I purchased this! Thank you!!

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