Drops of Jupiter Rave Fan

Drops of Jupiter Rave Fan


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This Drops of Jupiter Rave Fan will have your friends going nuts as they wonder where the cool air is coming from: You or the fan! The design allows light to refract off and shows to be created from the show itself or you while dancing with your hair blowing in the wind! Enjoy it in the sunlight where others will even think that it is a sun!

Whether you're dancing the morning away at a sunrise renegade and you need to keep cool in a pit, or you're in the middle of the desert trying to keep cool from the dry sun this fan will keep you fashionable while also drawing too many compliments from others that wish they were as cool and collected as you are.

Did we mention these fans are HUGE? Yes, you can fan yourself and your squad with only one. Of course you'll want to get 2, 3 or for for the whole crew.

  • Sturdy durable and moisture whicking material
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Lightweight for effortless wrist usage
  • Easy open and close design
weight: .13 kg
size: 35x2x63cm

2 reviews for Drops of Jupiter Rave Fan

  1. Oscar Álvarez

    The large size is just what I was looking for. It creates a nice large breeze. But my favorite part is the dramatic SNAP!!! It’s cold but I keep opening it just to breeze the haters away. It seems very sturdy – it should last me a while.

  2. Alpha Um

    Yay! This baby clacks like no body’s business. Well made, fabric strong, and beautiful printing on fabric. So far so good, no complaints.

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