Earn Your Stripes Rave Backpack

Earn Your Stripes Rave Backpack



Our zebra print rave backpack will make your next party feel like an Animal House. Everyone will come to you when they need their water - their chapstick - their sunglasses - their bandanas and t-shirts because it all fits here!

Keep all your items in one convenient place! All of our water backpacks are adjustable to fit all sizes and cleared for all festival sizing needs. Simply enter the festival with all your goods and you're good to go!

These packs are waterproof, watertight, sweat proof and dust proof. You are able to keep dancing in the rain, reign, the sun, and the desert without worry or care for hours without losing your front spot for Excision.

They are most useful to keep your belongings safe (and your friends) and within arms' reach at all times.


  • Fits multiple phones, accessories, bandanas, water bottles, pens & your phone
  • Durable materials and clear coat topping
  • Sized small to clear all large stadium and open air music festival security screening processes
  • 2L water will last you for hours through the day without weighing you down!

Weight: .8 kg

Size: 46cm*33cm*9cm

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 10 cm

3 reviews for Earn Your Stripes Rave Backpack

  1. Alfredo Lamanna

    Had no problems with this bag! Was easy to use, was lightweight, and is really cute! Definitely will be bringing it with me to festivals in the future! You can bring a mini lock and attach it to the two zippers for extra security. Mini side zipper pouch is very handy for keeping mini things such as gum, chapstick, earplugs, or other small things. I prefer to keep my wallet at the very bottom of the larger pouch for safe keeping, but if you have a lock on the bag it shouldn’t really matter where you keep your wallet. I’d recommend this! Great price too!

  2. Winston Hyde

    It’s just so simple. YESIRAVE! sources the raddest gear. I’m in love with this hydration pack! The color was exactly how I accepted it not better (I love the way the light hits it). I bought it for edc Las Vegas so I filled the water sack to check durability and there weren’t any leaks!

  3. Fernand Aveline

    Absolutely love this backpack! I’ve received so many compliments on the color alone, can’t wait to actually test out the water pack. Also like the small pocket on the side of the bag, it fits my iPhone 8 plus perfectly!

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