Godric’s Holographic Water Backpack

Godric’s Holographic Water Backpack



Our holographic water backpack will have you the envy of the party. Everyone will come to you when they need their water - their chapstick - their sunglasses - their bandanas and t-shirts because it all fits here!

Our blue hydration pack will keep all your items in one convenient place! All of our water backpacks are adjustable to fit all sizes and cleared for all festival sizing needs. Simply enter the festival with all your goods and you're good to go!

These packs are waterproof, watertight, sweat proof and dust proof. You are able to keep dancing in the rain, reign, the sun, and the desert without worry or care for hours without losing your front spot for Excision.

They are most useful to keep your belongings safe (and your friends) and within arms' reach at all times.


  • Fits multiple phones, accessories, bandanas, water bottles, pens & your phone
  • Durable materials and clear coat topping
  • Sized small to clear all large stadium and open air music festival security screening processes
  • 2L water will last you for hours through the day without weighing you down!

Weight: .8 kg

Size: 46cm*33cm*9cm

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 10 cm

4 reviews for Godric’s Holographic Water Backpack

  1. Speranzio Bartolone

    Bought this because I needed a smaller one! Sometimes I don’t need all the extra pockets but the little pocket on the side will come in handy for my cellphone. It comes with its own water bag ready to go which is great. Love the color how it reflects with the light/flash. Really excited to wear this soon in a few weeks!

  2. Jordan

    this bag was awesome to have at Outsidelands this year. It was super light weight and very cute but also served as a practical little bag. I was able to hold my cell phone, a very thin undershirt, chapstick, and a small snack in the side pocket. The only little thing is that the mouth piece tends to touch the ground if you have to take the bag off to get on a ride or something. It doesn’t have the latch system that a lot of other hydration bags have that allows you to more securely lock the tube into place so its less likely to flop around if you have to place the bag on the ground or a table. That being said it didn’t bother me enough to take a star off.

  3. Aamir Boyd

    There are front color/reflector panels too which is nice. The pack doesn’t jiggle around when I ride or run which I also appreciate. I got the smaller one and filled the water bag about half way and still had enough room for a white claw in the main pack and a few cards/cash/airpod case/phone in the smaller pocket. Not much else could fit unless you took out the water pack ore emptied it which is easy to do. I also love how the straps are mesh so they don’t make you hot. There is a little padding too on the back, it is so comfortable to wear. I buy a ton of stuff but don’t leave many reviews… this might be my best purchase ever. Definitely top 3.

  4. Vladimiro De Angelo

    I bought this to adhere to Coachella’s new bag rules. I love it. With the water bladder full it felt lightweight and the pockets actually hold way more than i thought. There is even ample space to put items into the larger pocket that holds the bladder. The iridescent color was really nice as well. I had a lot of people asking me where i got such a stylish hydration bag. Overall it’s a great buy. So far no complaints!!!

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