Liquid Silver Holographic Water Backpack

Liquid Silver Holographic Water Backpack



Our holographic water backpack will have you the envy of the party. Everyone will come to you when they need their water - their chapstick - their sunglasses - their bandanas and t-shirts because it all fits here!

Our silver hydration pack will keep all your items in one convenient place! All of our water backpacks are adjustable to fit all sizes and cleared for all festival sizing needs. Simply enter the festival with all your goods and you're good to go!

These packs are waterproof, watertight, sweat proof and dust proof. You are able to keep dancing in the rain, reign, the sun, and the desert without worry or care for hours without losing your front spot for Excision.

They are most useful to keep your belongings safe (and your friends) and within arms' reach at all times.

  • Fits multiple phones, accessories, bandanas, water bottles, pens & your phone
  • Durable materials and clear coat topping
  • Sized small to clear all large stadium and open air music festival security screening processes
  • 2L water will last you for hours through the day without weighing you down!

Weight: .8 kg

Size: 46cm*33cm*9cm

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 10 cm

2 reviews for Liquid Silver Holographic Water Backpack

  1. Nichole F.

    Thank you and great easy customer service. I sent an email and an actual person called me immediately! I purchased this for pride to keep hydrated. AND I was NOT disappointed to find that the water bag NEVER leaked it’s very lucky I checked it before I went out. The actual bag itself is very well made and was okay for carrying the items I needed to get through security

  2. Kenzie CronisterKenzie Cronister

    The bag was as described when I first got it about a week ago–I loved absolutely everything about it. The pattern was bright and festive and everything worked. I bought it in hopes of using it for many occasions–the first one being Electric Zoo which took place this past Labor Day weekend. I would not recommend paying $40 even $50 for a bag like this because it lasts. I am definitely going to be investing more in the future.

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