Liquorice Pink Kaleidoscope Glasses

Liquorice Pink Kaleidoscope Glasses


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Our Liquorice Pink kaleidoscope glasses will keep you visually stimulated throughout the day! You'll be seeing double, triple, quadruple as you look from left to right to right to left! Let your friends have a try, and your friends' friends! Because they'll be intrigued by how you could possibly be having the most fun on the dance floor from what you are hearing, feeling and seeing!

With our twice laminated super durable frame, these will last you from festival to festival and you will not be sorry from what you see. The refraction core allows for a multitude of visualizations that you'll have to see to believe!

  • Fits in all standard pockets with one size-frame
  • Durable materials and clear coat topping
  • Beautiful for photos with friends
  • Please be aware that these are excellent glasses for dancing and having fun, although may not be of great use for true sunglasses to reflect and dampen sunray

Weight: .24 kg

Size: 14cm*5.3cm*9cm

2 reviews for Liquorice Pink Kaleidoscope Glasses

  1. Patty Balser

    These sunglasses really are something to behold. The view you get with them on is spectacular and the look you achieve with them on is very stylish as well. They’re great for taking selfies and the sights are fun. Uhh definitely don’t wear them while driving. Otherwise, they’re great and fun.

  2. Roderick Roth

    These glasses are great for concerts and festivals. They are pretty intense so you can’t wear them for very long, but they refract everything, making events a lot more fun. I went around a festival letting people try them on, and everyone was amazed by them. They are slightly small, so they might fit a little weird if you have a large head. And they are pretty heavy, so you have to hold them on your face if you want to dance crazy with them. But overall great value for the money.

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