Look Through Like New Blue Faceshield


Look Through Like New Blue Faceshield


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Show your smile with the upgraded blue YESIRAVE faceshield! With the new anti-fogging transparent material, you are guaranteed to be guarded whilst still being visible.

  • Speak clearly and others will understand
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Anti-fog creation
  • One-size design fits most

weight: 0.062kg

size: 150*160*90mm

2 reviews for Look Through Like New Blue Faceshield

  1. Kemberly Roza

    I’ve wasted a good amount of money on masks over the past several months. Finally, a mask/shield that does not disappoint. This is, by far, the best to date. Absolutely no fogging and it stays in place. This is especially important because I wear glasses while I’m out. Shipped my order the very next day, so that was a pleasant surprise as well.

  2. Jannette Wilmes

    So I bought this from YESIRAVE! because I like the model to be completely honest. I’m not a raver but I like going to parties?? I wear this at work so that I don’t have to use the face shields. People keep telling me that I’m really stylinsh though so I think I am going to buy the other colors and start wearing them out at night. Either way it’s really comfortable and fits your face very well. You don’t need to wear a mask now because of it so you can breath well, and I would guess that if you’re in a party it will keep dust out. I like it for every day use too

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