Look Through Like New Pink Faceshield


Look Through Like New Pink Faceshield


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Show your smile with the upgraded YESIRAVE Pink faceshield! With the new anti-fogging transparent material, you are guaranteed to be guarded whilst still being visible.

  • Speak clearly and others will understand
  • Comfortable and lightweight design
  • Anti-fog creation
  • One-size design fits most

weight: 0.062kg

size: 150*160*90mm

3 reviews for Look Through Like New Pink Faceshield

  1. Prudence Rodden

    lovely quality

  2. Rudolf Kirsch

    You can see from the pictures that it comes up high enough to cover my nose and mouth. This mask is basically a face shield, but instead of attaching at the top of the head like other face shields, it rests on your chin. So this mask will block any droplets that spew out while breathing or talking. It holds to the face very well and ilooks very good rather than the cotton design.

  3. Kathi Okamura

    Thank god this mask doesn’t fog like the others and I can actually breath. Took this to EDC to block the haters

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