Luminosity Matrix Multicolor Rave Glasses


Luminosity Matrix Multicolor Rave Glasses


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The YESIRAVE! Luminosity Matrix Multicolor Rave Glasses will have you seeing triple and creating the sensations that you are in a spaceship about to take off! With visual effects, and 7 different colors on the left and right eye lid, that means you have over 120 different color change options to choose from! Your friends will be begging you to try these on and buy you a pair so that they can join you in your TRON journey at takeoff.

You are your best friend with these glasses and the world will want a piece as you find your eyes dancing just as much as your legs are moving. While other glasses refract light, you don't have to worry about a change in color so that you can see clearly where your legs are hopping if you aren't dancing too quickly. Enjoy light shows with your friends and family members and keep the energy flowing!

An even greater bonus is that these double as a fantastic headband and visor for those that want to double their headgear!

  • Designed in USA
  • Batteries included
  • Simple button push operation
  • Superior durably built
  • Non-Polarized

Weight: .25 kg

Size: 17cm*16cm*4.5cm

3 reviews for Luminosity Matrix Multicolor Rave Glasses

  1. Manuel E

    Funciona excelente

  2. Néo Lortie

    I love that these are rechargeable. The different color options really sold me on these. LED’s are bright. Glasses fit my head well and should still be good for someone with a smaller head because of the adjustable plastic fit

  3. Devon Huntoon

    Wore these to Lights All Night, NYE party in Dallas, TX and got a TON of compliments. Loved the ability to change the color with a push of a button from the glasses – no remote to fuss with. The charge lasted almost 6 hours on one charge. Definitely worth your money at this price point.

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