Violet Knight Neon Fanny Pack

Violet Knight Neon Fanny Pack



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Our Violet Knight Neon Fanny Pack will keep all your items in one convenient place! All of our Fanny packs are adjustable to fit all sizes and cleared for all festival sizing needs.

These violet fanny packs are waterproof, sweat proof and dust proof. You are able to keep dancing in the rain, the sun, and the desert without worry or care.

They are most useful to prevent pick-pockets while at a festival and keep your belongings safe and within arms' reach at all times.


  • Fits multiple phones, accessories, bandanas, water bottles, pens & your phone
  • Durable materials and clear coat topping
  • Clear color and specially-cleared for all large festivals who require see-through fanny packs
  • Sized small to clear all large stadium and open air music festival security screening processes

Weight: .4kg

Size: 29cm*16cm*10cm

Additional information

Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 29 × 16 × 10 cm

3 reviews for Violet Knight Neon Fanny Pack

  1. Liberatore Accordino

    I bought this to hold my phone, inhaler, concert tickets and car keys. It did that and more. The zippers were well made and it fit comfortably on my hip. Passed muster at the gate security.

  2. Wendelin Jonas

    I bought for a concert and now I use this for work and I think I started a trend lol.

  3. Ira Forster

    Got this exclusively for a concert and it didn’t let me down. Held my battery pack, phone cord, my CC, my ID, some gum, car key (by itself without my chain) and even my setting glasses with it’s case! My only complaint was it didn’t since down smaller for the waist. U I y was hanging lower than I wanted it to be so if your waist Is smaller than 27” it will hang down to your hips. Other than that it’s study. Didn’t test it for being waterproof, no need.

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