Tribal mask Headband Bandana

Tribal mask Headband Bandana


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Protect your face from the elements with YESIRAVE! Tribal mask Headband - Bandana! Our designers create these to be fantastic for keeping cool in the heat when the sun is beating down on your neck and your skin needs protection. In the cool it creates a layer of heat to help keep you warm in the cool! Enjoy the colors and stick out in the crowd!

Be warned! Bright colors will draw compliments, create new friends and repel your foes!

  • Sub-material heat indication protector
  • All over print
  • Omni-made drip anti-odor wicking rint

weight: 0.062kg

size: 150*160*90mm

2 reviews for Tribal mask Headband Bandana

  1. Dieter Krist

    These headband bandanas are awesome. I have about 18 of them. They do a phenomenal job of keeping my hair off my shoulders and back. it really helps keep my hair out of the way when I’m running from lineup to lineup. It is a very great for those with locs/ dreadlocks.
    The plastic that each bandana came in. I reuse them to put the bandana back in the package especially when traveling. I will definitely purchase this item again.

  2. Alexis Matsui

    These have been a great addition to EDC, we added them to all the hiking and camping gear as well.

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