Watermelon Drip Pink LED Facemask


Watermelon Drip Pink LED Facemask


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Our Pink LED Facemask provides the best lighting and color. Show off with your friends!

  • Battery: 230mAh 3.7V Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Light Color: Pink
  • Button Controlled

3 reviews for Watermelon Drip Pink LED Facemask

  1. Lisabeth Brennen

    This mask has so many fun settings! There’s a setting for each color as well as different patterns too! From flashing to a slow fade to solid color this mask is perfect for any festival you go to! going to a drive in rave? This mask is sure to entertain and make for some amazing pictures! The button is easy to conceal and easy to use. if you don’t like ear loops there is a clasp on the back to hold it steady. Overall great product great price.

  2. Adella Tarry

    THIS IS RAD! Everyone keeping to try to touch my face though

  3. Ted Basye

    The mask is pink, and the usb port is bright white and wasn’t completely hidden by the fabric. I covered the exposed edge with a little white electrical tape. You could also paint it. It’s sticks out of the side of the mask about a half inch and is about an inch and a half long. (That port also has the clicky button to cycle through the light setting.) When it’s dark and you turn it on, people are to busy watching the light show to notice the plug.

    It’s thick because of the power unit inside. If you use a filter, your voice will be muffled. It’s not as bad without a filter. It was perfect to wear outside in the cold.

    It charges pretty fast. The colors and light functions are only visible in dim light to total dark. (Don’t expect to see bright colors at an outside festival at noon) I wore it for 2.5 hours and hardly had to recharge it.

    It’s pretty easy to clean with a damp soapy rag. Makeup wipes off.

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