Ye’s Premium Flashing Light Gloves


Ye’s Premium Flashing Light Gloves


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Gloving will always be fun whether you're showing your friends or receiving a show! With our Flashing Light Gloves your will brain melt with our hand crafted, hand created gloves designed by our glovers here in San Francisco!

  • Includes 2 gloves (1 Pair) with 10 separate LED light attachments
  • Durable materials and comfortable snug fit to all hand sizes
  • Smooth LED color and specially-cleared for all large festivals
  • Batteries included and pre-assembled for immediate usage.

Weight: .17kg

Size: 10cm*10cm*5cm

3 reviews for Ye’s Premium Flashing Light Gloves

  1. jerry davis

    I purchased these gloves for light painting and they work extremely well for that purpose. The fact that the gloves, other than the finger tips, are black is very helpful. I also like that they fit on either hand.

  2. MsVal

    Thanks YE’SIRAVE! 😉 I bought these for my boyfriend. These are so cool. Can’t wait to play with them and use them for festivals. So neat and fun!

  3. Heather Delapena

    These are definitely gloves with a thickness! 😏
    They’ll keep your hands very warm while playing with the lights. If you’re not trying to have sweaty palms, or if you’re trying to use these with your phone look elsewhere, these gloves ain’t for you.

    They’re nice tho, I like them a lot, they do their job and I definitely feel like I got my value for money with this purchase.

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