YesIRave! High Fidelity Silicon Music Earplugs

YesIRave! High Fidelity Silicon Music Earplugs


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Tinnitus is a growing problem. It's so important to keep your ears safe while partying on. Our YesIRave! High Fidelity Silicon Music Earplugs last for multi-use in cleaning ability. Silicon forms to the ears and creates a lasting seal to the user to be used many times. These high fidelity earplugs will allow you to hear the music clearer. You will also hear the music at a lower volume to ensure that you do not have ringing in the morning and for years to come.

This is what YESIRAVE! was built upon and is a must-have for every raver out there. This is the most important tool that any raver can have in their goodie bag. Make sure that you are safe and protecting your body.

  • Silicon fit allows to fit inside ears large and small with adjustable easy slide in an out capability
  • Durable materials and clear coat topping
  • Clear color and specially-cleared for all large festivals to hear sound clearly with high fidelity

weight: 0.025kg

size: 8cm*2.5cm*13 cm

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4 reviews for YesIRave! High Fidelity Silicon Music Earplugs

  1. christopher

    I put these on for a bunch of loud shows last week. I went to see Flume and made it to the front. That time without them I couldn’t hear for the 1 week. I have my hearing now this time thanks to YESIRAVE! No more tinnitus (ringing ears) after concerts. They fit well, were easy to use. Oh, and they worked!

  2. Lluciano Marcos

    These little titan YESIRAVE! earplugs are the best in comparison to the 4 others that I’ve owned. They are easy to pack, lightweight as everything, and they have a carrying case accompanying. Oh yeah, did I mention that they work? I may get another pair because I know I will lose them eventually. That’s just the cost of having fun. They’re 22db which is right in the middle of the range. I would give them 4.5 stars if I could. I perceived the sound simply a little lower than the sound incoming. I think what is important is that you need to put them on correctly too. I have been putting them on for years thinking that I knew how to do it correctly, but a friend showed me how when I showed him that I got a new pair of these HiFi earplugs.

  3. Turo mario

    Christopher was helpful to answer all of my questions on the phone when I called in. I am a music scientist and I was not disappointed because these earplugs performed as expected. I heard full spectrum sound range and tones both bass and treble were lower compared to not having the plugs in. When I play on stage all tones are clear and everyone around me is too. The only reason I think it could improve is actually, I have difficulty thinking of a way it could improve. They are not entirely uncomfortable and I wear them for 5 hours before I think that there could be improvement in the feeling in my ear. Overall, I am pleased with my earplugs and will purchase more in the future.

  4. Gérald Noir

    Wore these to a concert that was very important to me. I have tinnitus and so keeping that from increasing was also super important. Well, the claims for this product are correct! The music was not compromised, and neither was my experience. I even took one out to check, because it seemed like I was wearing nothing! And all the music and nuance was there, and so was the crowd experience, just, as the description says, with the volume turned down. They werent uncomfortable. Best of all, after a fabulous concert, I removed them, and there was NO increase or difference in my tinnitus. I had an amazing experience and feel like my hearing was properly protected. Recommend these highly.

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