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Top 6 ways to Rock Your Music Festival Bandana

Here are the top 6 ways to rock your music festival bandana this year:


1. Around Your Neck

Wrapping the headband around your neck is the classic way to draw a look. This is because others will be looking to branch out in other ways, while you’re sticking to a confident tried and true statement that will always cause others to look twice. We always recommend opting for bright colors that will make you stand out in a crowd. Neon, bright oranges and different gradients are always great and draw both good energy and attention towards you.


2. Around Your Hair

Does your hair go everywhere when you’re headbanging? Do you want to keep your hair out of the way when you’re holding your girlfriend on your shoulders? Then wearing your headband around your hair will be a good look. This look can be either messy with a rollup, or with a pressed secure fold to secure your hair moving back. This will give you a energy where you others see that you have a wild side while still being able to tame it (at times 😉).


3. Over Your Nose

Desert raves will always be around and this style will give you a ton of benefits! Keep the sun out of your face while you’re walking from set to set. You also will protect your neck when wearing your bandana at full coverage! Be sure to smile with your eyes when meeting new people so that we can feel the positive energy coming from you! You’ll give off a mysterious yet playful vibe if you pair it with a bright pattern that draws eyes to your face and asks the viewer to see more!


4. With Your Hat

Wearing a headband bandana with your hat is quickly becoming a trend that everyone is talking about. Give yourself the option for optimal sun coverage when needed while also adding a wonderful splash of color to your hat where it needs it most! We are liking the combination of reds with this hat and have seen it done perfectly on many occasions.


5. Around Your Wrist

Wearing a music festival bandana around your wrist is the easiest way to add a low key, subdued amount of energy to your outfit. You’ll forget that it’s on until someone compliments you on it and you’re reminded of how smart of a decision that this was to place it there! If you have a larger bandana, you can wear it further up your wrist onto your arm as well! It shows well on the arms for men while also creating a very fitting look for the girls out there!


6. Off Your Waist

Wearing a music festival bandana around your waist is a really easy way to add an edge to your outfit without making a complete dive into placing it on your face. If you aren’t entirely confident in placing it around your neck or on your head, then this is the easiest way to get the added color you’re looking for without it being the center of attention. All you have to do is wrap it around your wristband, a belt, or a belt loop and allow it to gracefully fall to the side. You’ll love the sway as you go from side to side and how it gives life to your vibe.

How to Wear Your Music Festival Bandana at a Music Festival

There are plenty of way to stand out in a crowd of over 9,000! Music festival bandanas are the best accessories for music festivals and also they’re great to keep warm in the cold and keeping cool in the sun. Here are different ways to keep cool and cool with your bandana at your side:

  • Match your purple bandana with your purple hydrobackpack! Notice how the earings can play a major draw to your head-wear! The neon will draw plenty of compliments for matching. Just don’t wear any more purple outside of the two or it will become a uni-tone overload!
  • You can put your bandanas on your bag for an excellent pop of color! This is the perfect accent to what you are wearing if the rest of your colors are muted. It will draw the eye on you and your bag!

Discover these fantastic looks for your next music festival!

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