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What are PLUR bracelets and how to make them?

PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, which is exactly what the rave community represents. That is why it is highly popular to wear clothes or accessories at raves and music festivals that represent PLUR. Some of these popular accessories are PLUR bracelets. Below, we at YESIRAVE! made an easy guideline so that you can make PLUR bracelets for your next rave or music festival.

Beads for PLUR bracelets

Beads are the heart of your PLUR bracelets and probably the most important part of the bracelet! Express your creativity and take your time in exploring different types and colors for your PLUR bracelets. 

Shapes for PLUR bracelets

Bright, shiny, and colorful beads are very popular. Look for crazy and cool shapes like bows, lighting bolts, and alien heads. The shapes will also make your PLUR bracelets extra special. 


Apart from shapes, remember to include beads with letters to construct positive and loving messages to share with your fellow ravers. You can opt for the simple, peace, love, unity, and respect to more individualized like “Rave-and-Dance-with-me” or part of songs you like, such as “Music-rescues-me”. Some messages can be a bit too long for one bracelet, so make more!

Color for PLUR bracelets

Finally, go crazy with color. PLUR bracelets are flexible. You may want to combine them with a specific outfit and pick colors accordingly. However, you do not need to. PLUR bracelets do not have to follow a specific pattern and if you find a color combination that you like, go for it!

String for PLUR bracelets

There are different strings you can use for your PLUR bracelets. Fishing lines and elastic strings are among the most popular choices. Both of these types of strings are easy to cut and tie which allows you to build your bracelet quite easily.


Once you have your beads and string start by:

1. Measuring your wrist width

Wrap the string around your wrist to determine how much string you may need. To this length, add half to another full length so that you have enough string to knot the ends of the PLUR bracelet. 

2. Create Your End knot

Now that you have the string ready, start by tying the end knot. When doing this, leave enough string after the knot so that you can tie the ends together.

3. Insert the beads

With the end knot ready, you can now begin to insert the beads into the PLUR bracelet. We suggest you align the beads pattern beforehand so that you know exactly how would you like it to look in the bracelet. 

4. Tie it together

Once you have inserted all the beads in the string, tie the final knot at the top, again with sufficient string leftover to tie them together. Then bring the two ends of the PLUR bracelet together and tie them up to finish up your bracelet. Since this is the knot that will hold the bracelet together, make sure it is tight enough to endure the whole rave or music festival. 

Final touches

Now that the bracelet is finished, you can add any final touches you can think of. For example, you can bathe the PLUR bracelet in glitter or attach some ribbons so that they have an extra flare. You can also go as far as painting on them any figure you would like that you could not find in a bead itself. Strive hard to find the optimal way of expressing what you wish through your Kandi. 

Thank you for reading our guide and make sure to check our blog for more How-To’s for your next rave or music festival. Also! If you have other ideas or helpful tips to make PLUR bracelets drop them in a comment below for the rest of the community. We at YESIRAVE! seek to help everyone to rave with the best guides and tips. Pictures of your PLUR bracelets are highly appreciated!

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