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What Should I Expect At My First Underground Rave?

Going to your first rave can be a life-changing experience. Raves can introduce you to new music, help you meet new people, and even change the way you see yourself. In addition to following the rules of PLUR, there are many other things you should know before attending your first underground rave.

Table of Contents:

  • What Are Underground Raves
  • How To Find Warehouse Raves
  • 7 Things To Expect At A Warehouse Rave
  • Conclusion
Foggy underground warehouse rave

What Is An Underground Rave?

Underground warehouse raves sort of fall in the middle between a large house party and a nightclub. For many, they are an exciting alternative to regular urban nightlife. The underground rave scene offers a more intimate music listening experience and provides a space where people can be themselves. These events do not cost a lot of money to attend. Warehouses are typically the venue where less-known local DJs are the headliners of the night.

How To Find A Warehouse Rave?

Underground warehouse raves require a bit of digging to find for a reason. They are kept lowkey and hard to find so that they don’t attract the wrong crowd and risk getting shut down. Visit our page for 5 Tips To Finding Your First Underground Rave.

DJ mixing at rave using CDJ

7 Things To Expect At Your First Underground Rave

1. Last-Minute Address

As stated before, underground raves are kept lowkey and hard to find for a reason. These events are hard to organize and promote without the risk of getting shut down. This is why their locations are usually only ever released about an hour or so before the event. 

2. Isolated Industrial-Like Location

The name is pretty self-explanatory. Warehouse raves are lowkey raves that are usually thrown in warehouses or unlicensed venues in industrial-like areas. Once you arrive at the address you were given, you may be looking at what seems to be an abandoned building with no signs of life. There may be boards on the windows. The side of the building might have graffiti and spray paint on the building. Overall, the address you were given probably does not look super inviting. But if you listen closely, you might hear a faint bass bumping in the distance.

3. Lot’s of Drum & Bass Techno

From its origins in the British underground rave scene of the early 1990s, both drum and bass and techno became globally popular electronic music genres. Although drum and bass and techno are most popular within the underground rave scene, house and dubstep are very common too.

4. Boiler Room Vibes

Underground raves are usually away from the crowded mainstream city clubs. People can let loose and diverse into music in these spaces. Local DJs are spinning on open decks where there’s no space between them and the crowd. People are packed into every corner of the large room. It is dark, the air is foggy, and everyone is sweaty. There are no flashy visuals, no intricate setups, and no massive stages. Music is the main focus for everyone.

5. Many Different Rave Outfits

Nobody cares what you look like or what you wear to warehouses raves or any rave for that matter. Rave outfits are crazy, weird, and unique. People choose to express themselves for who they really are with their outfits. Whether it be jeans and a t-shirt or decking out in kandi bracelets and accessories, people can feel comfortable wearing whatever they choose to wear. 

6. Rave May End Early Morning After Sunrise

Oftentimes, underground raves go well into the day and finish around 9 or 10 in the morning. If people are willing to stay, nobody is going to stop them. It’s usually up to the DJ to leave when he gets tired.

7. Good Vibes

Warehouse raves are completely judgment-free spaces where there is no room for bad vibes. Everyone can express themselves for who they are and immerse themselves in the music. These types of events allow you to truly live in the moment. 

Warehouse rave with people dancing


The beautiful thing about the rave community is that there is something for everyone. Whether it be house, techno, drum and bass, dubstep, or festivals, shows, or underground raves, the community is built amongst a variety of different things. We celebrate our differences together, with movement and music. We’re all here for the same reasons – to spread PLUR and make lifelong memories. Visit our website for more raving tips for beginners.

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