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Why do people wear masks at raves?

If you have attended a rave or music festival, you most likely have seen people wearing masks and wondered, why do people wear masks to raves? The different reasons why people wear masks to rave is quite varied. YESIRAVE! has gathered the main reasons in this post in order to inform the rave community and maybe encourage you to try a mask on your next rave.

Smoke, dust pollution and inhalants

Many raves often use smoke effects in their sets. Seeing smoke in combination with the lights looks extremely trippy when raving to the awesome music. However, the smoke is not alway nice to breath and depending how close and how much smoke is used, it can be quite bothersome. Similar to smoke, some raves and music festivals outdoors like Burning Man, can be subject to sand and dust exposure. While smoke, dust or sand are not always the case, we do find ourselves surrounded by a crowd or a large amount of people while raving. If there is something we have learned from COVID-19 is the exposure we are dealing with in this scenario. If unprotected we can easily be infected by other people’s potential illnesses. Therefore, the rave community came up with the practical and fashionable solution of using masks or bandanas as part of their rave outfit. This helps prevent inhaling dust, smoke, and other people’s breath. Check our bandanas in order to be prepared next time these exposures are manifested in your next raves.

Incognito Mode

Hiding your identity at parties or events is something that has been in place for centuries. Masquerades and Halloween have allowed people to do and be who they are without risking showing their real selves. As awesome and great we all find raves, there are ravers out there who may not yet feel completely comfortable being part of the rave scene. Hopefully unlikely, but anyone can unknowingly shoot a picture of you and this pops in the internet the next day. We are all different and not everyone feels comfortable having this side of them easily exposed in the social web. Then, what better way to hide your face from unwanted exposure, than by using a sick mask? Maybe the mask goes as far as representing your real personality or something you are hiding. This will totally rock at the rave and will be fun coming up with this mask you want to wear.

Accessory Item

Beside their practical uses mentioned above, masks are a great trippy article to compliment your outfit. There is such a wide variety and types, which will match and even enhance the essence of your rave outfit.

Popular choices are:

  • Glow-in-the-dark masks
  • Animal themed
  • Masquerade themed
  • Ski masks

Be creative and find a cool mask that speaks to you. This will in turn also speak to the fellow ravers while you wear it. It is a great way to engage with the other ravers and have a great time at the rave. Check our shop for cool rave masks that you should try at your next rave or music festival

Thank you for reading our post about why people weare masks at raves. We at YESIRAVE! encourage you to give it a try and wear a mask at your next rave. We offer a bunch of options in our shop! Please also share the masks you use at raves and music festivals. We and our readers would greatly benefit from learning from others in the rave community.

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