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Why I Love Music Festivals! with Tatianna Rodriguez

We at YESIRAVE! seek to encourage everyone who enjoys raves, festivals and electronic music to express themselves. This is important to us because everyone in the team is themselves a fan of the rave scene. We enjoy helping others finding themselves in the dance culture. Why I love music festivals? It’s simply a lifestyle. Outside of me, let’s explore our top 5 reasons why we as a team love raving:

1. Everyone is in it for the music

There is a reason for it. Not only do we find ourselves under a music spell when attending these events but everyone around us is under that same spell while raving. No one needs to be a complete fan of this music to get into the mood. We have attended raves with both fans and first timers. Either way the trance takes its effect on both types of people. These events establish an unspoken feeling to appreciate the music and spend the majority of time listening. Of course some words are exchanged and conversation here and there is had; but in our experience it is not close to the amount of conversation that one has in other places. Bars, cafes and clubs are for speaking raves are for dancing. It gets us every time. We love being with other people who have the same connection as we do to the music.


2. There is always something new

Techno music is more than a genre. It is a lifestyle to which many people invest their time. We really enjoy different and mixed feelings. The moment you think you’ve heard it all, Kygo rocks a completely new version of an ID. Going to a rave or festival enhances the thrill of hearing new music and surprises. The excitement of hearing an incredible new song live on a set is undeniably one of the best electrifying feelings we have felt. What is great about raving is that we get the feeling in most raves and festivals we go to. It does not have to be a famous event, we often enjoy the music of local clubs and DJs from the different cities we have visited. There are always new DJs and new music that captivates us unexpectedly. 

3. Safe place to express yourself

The rave culture is among the most open and accepting cultures out there. From anything to what you choose to wear to how you like to dance is embraced and accepted among all other attendees. This is the place to explore and experiment whatever your heart deeply desires. When in doubt and if you feel like sharing and interacting with others, you have come to the right place. Everyone is extremely friendly and will help you, talk to you and dance with you without judgment or expectation. This attitude is also inviting for people who engage in activities on their own. If you are one of them, check our blog about how to attend raves on your own.

4. Complementary visuals

Everyone likes a good show, and raves and festivals do not fall at all behind in delivering these – especially if one attends the bigger ones, like EDC and Ultra. During the past 2 years, we couldn’t go to raves or festivals during the pandemic but that it is coming to an end. This point would be the one for which we are the most excited to attend our next raves and festivals. The lights and visual effects of these shows are out of this world and its synchronization with the music is a real work of art.

5. Fun daylight activity

Even though we all enjoy raving, some of us can be more early birds than night owls. We all attend raves that go all the way to the early morning. However, a good amount of festivals (and a few raves) take place during the day which allows those of us to enjoy this hobby during the hours we feel the most awake. We appreciate that the rave scene is designed for both types of people which gives everyone the chance to rave to good music.

Thanks for coming and reading to find out why I and the team at YESIRAVE! loves raving. Now it is your turn! Let us know in the comments below why YOU love raving. Also well, about any questions you may have about raving in general. We are happy to hear from you and help you with your next rave!

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