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Yes, Men’s Rave Pants are Important Too

Yes, Men’s Rave Pants are Important Too

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There are some cold fall and winter raves that make some guys wonder what rave pants for men ideas there are that are comfortable, utilitarian and also stand out.

There are many first timers that will immediately say that Jeans are a good idea. With the belief that they are durable, comfortable to walk in and will not rip from too much dancing – where can you go wrong?

Unfortunately, this may not be extremely true – and you will see many youngsters or first timers making the mistake.

There are other options for trousers that are just as, if not far more comfortable. They also are able to wick away sweat, and be comfortable and as muted (to bring out the top that you’re wearing). They can also be as colorful (to bring out the entire outfit you’re wearing) as you like.

In this post we will share our favorite 5 rave pants and trouser options for men when you can’t where your favorite shorts to a rave. You will learn why we like them and why we chose them.

Rave Pants for Men Ideas

If you’re looking for Rave pants for men for your boyfriend, then you’re reading the correct article. There are plenty of options that are both stylish, and comfortable for your boyfriend.

The key to a good pair of rave pants is that they’ll be comfortable while also standing out and looking great. If you are looking for some great ideas for rave outfits for guys check out this men’s rave outfit guide and idea journal here.

Parachute Pants

Parachute Pants are a fantastic choice for men. They are comfortable and extra breathable. They also make your truffle shuffle look extra sleek with the steezy laid back look as your legs flow through each movement.

It’s always fun to bring back the 90’s and with these baggy pants, you will stand out in a way that others can not. Further, what are you going to do with all of those pockets?

Harem Pants

Harem Pants are loose fitting, breathable flowing and comfortable.

You’ll catch everyone’s eye and everywhere you go someone will come up to you and start a conversation either with I like you’re pants or letting you know that your energy is good. Either way, you made a great choice with your life and your clothing choice.


For the most comfortable fit that you will ever get, opt for a pair of lululemon joggers. These are the softest joggers that we have ever worn, and in comparison to my joggers that I usually run in, they seem to keep cool air in far better than in comparing to other options.

Wear these if you are a pit rat, or if you are constantly dancing because you may find yourself burning more calories than if you went for a long distance run. There are pockets too which I found nice when we were in the middle of a mosh and our phone did not fall out.


Tights are a fantastic choice. We are originally from Maryland, so we always opt for our hometown Under Armor when possible. The material is comfortable and it feels like theres nothing there!

For a completely free and breathable choice where you will have absolutely no resistance to movement from any angle, choose the best tights for the job.

Golf Pants

Our second to last favorite option are a good pair of summer golf trousers. These are great if you are not planning to completely sweat through your pants, and want to have a more sophisticated look to your outfit.

Enjoy the fact that your pants are breathable, you have a slimming look and that you are able to feel more adult and kept up in contrast to the majority of all at your rave. The fit for these are comfortable should you feel the need to dance, though you are able to choose not to and still be happy.

Linen Pants

Last but not least, the linen pants may be typically reserved for your Jamaican getaway on the beach, though many understand that they are your perfect lightweight dance pants. I like to wear dark colors to match with a bright top to allow the top to stick out in my outfits.

Conclusion: Rave Pants for Men Ideas

Men’s Rave Fashion is important. When guys don’t know what to wear to raves, where to they go? for your best ideas, news and rave culture. It is important to understand how and what to wear so that you can have the most fun and get out and listen to the music.

Respect your energy, respect others’ and live your life to continue to dance on.

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